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 Looking to Join :)

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PostSubject: Looking to Join :)   Sun Jun 14, 2015 8:58 pm

I just started playing 2 days ago ... looking for a guild that will accept a late 30s veteran MMOER (ive played even the old ones like Meridian 59, UO, AC / AC2, EQ vanilla etc ) Smile... however my game time is limited due to real life responsibilities (3 kids and a wifey) Smile.

I still play a good 1-2 hours on average a night... so far I am liking the game very much and am looking for an active bunch to hang / swap stories / possibly adventure with.

Please PM me in game once you get this I should be in game another hour or so but my normal play times are :

8-10 PM EST Daily (sometimes later if i can keep my eyes open)
Weekends - I play extra in addition to daily times if i can.

Thank you!

Shroude Damon
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Looking to Join :)
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