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 Ellia's summoning - PV

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PostSubject: Ellia's summoning - PV   Tue Mar 16, 2010 3:38 am

Start at Ellia (PV, 57,33).

-Go to Barnes, in the PV underground (there's a grave with a sword on it, almost exactly left of Ellia, but across the river, don't remember exact coords. "use" the sword to enter undergrounds). Barnes is 180,156.

-Go to Shayna, PV librarian. 26,135

-Back to Barnes.

-Go to Ahshta (PL library, 199,106).

-Back to Barnes.

-Go to Iscalrith City silver spot ("use" the longest boat to get to the city. The silver spot is the first cave on the right after you enter). Specifically, Iscalrish Insides, 306,84. "Use" the titanium serpent sword you see here. A message should appear, saying "Warlord Tsentas.' This must be his sword. A magic spell protects the sword from being removed - you'll have to find a way to overpower the spell."

-Back to Barnes.

-Go to Ringa (Isle of the Forgotten, 84,94. Ringa is the magic shopkeeper). You will need to give Ringa 1 binding stone, 1 enriched magic essence, and 1 gold ring. You won't get these back.

-Back to the swords. "Use" the titanium serpent sword again.

-Back to Barnes. You will be told these are not the correct swords. Barnes mentions an "old warlord in icy lands" who might be able to help, but I'm not sure who this refers to. However...

-Go to Meer (Glacmor, right next to the AA ship).

-Go to Irinveron caves (120,250). Pass through the cave and enter another at 85,100). Swords are at 210,100.

-Back to Ellia for reward.

Reward: 50k summoning experience.
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Ellia's summoning - PV
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