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 Hyuntan Pie Maker Harv Quest - worth 3 points

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PostSubject: Hyuntan Pie Maker Harv Quest - worth 3 points   Sat Feb 06, 2010 3:43 pm

Start NPC is found inside Tarsengard magic school, in the kitchen (right hand corridor). He needs you to get ings for his pies and put them in storage.

Heres a screenie for the npc, I thought the face was a good addition Very Happy

Best place to get ings is Palon Vertas for honey & berries & Idaloran for wheat (especially if you tp over wall). Fruit all over the place Wink

**reward 40 k potion and 40k magic exp**
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Hyuntan Pie Maker Harv Quest - worth 3 points
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