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 Xaquelina - PL Harving Perfume Ingredients - pk so 5 points

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PostSubject: Xaquelina - PL Harving Perfume Ingredients - pk so 5 points   Sat Feb 06, 2010 3:12 am

Xaquelina: ‚Stellar! *She hops up and down with excitement.* Now, I only need you to find their locations and optimal times since you aren't trained to harvest plants properly for perfume perfection. Sadly, I don't know anything but their names. Probably you should ask someone who works with plants and minerals..
ŠXaquelina: ‚You don't think you can just go and harvest something at any point in the day, do you? Of course not! Plants reach peak perfection between certain hours of the day. At that point, they reach an optimal potency that is perfect for perfume production. It's a very complicated science when you get down to the facts. You'll still need to harvest some samples to be sure they're at peak condition.
ŠXaquelina: ‚I will need to find proper deposits and optimal times for Glittering Turquoise Dust, Sunken Cactus, Yellow Rose of Izet, Lime Nightshade, Twilight Ogre Toes and Eruptive Dandelion. I wish you plenty of luck on your quest. But do be quick, it's been so long since I've had my ingredients.

After getting the quest from Xaquelina at southern PL docks u might stop by Yinta in the PV flowershop, she holds some information on where to find the special ingreds.

- cactus: GP (183,101) - 0.00-0.30 [0.25]
- yellow rose: TD (233,217) 1.30-2.00 [1.40]
- dandelions: NRM (77,173) - 2.30-3.00 [2.50]
- ogre toes: PV (60,36) - harv at dusk 3.00-3.30 [3.25]
- nightshade: Arius (on top of the limestone mnt. next to the track) - harv at midnight 4.15-4.45 [4.25]
- turqoise: Trassian PK cave in Dra Syn, entrance at (20,59) then walk to (644,88) 5.30-0.00 [5.50]

the reward is 100k harv XP but ill wait till stakhanov day to cash it Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Xaquelina - PL Harving Perfume Ingredients - pk so 5 points   Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:23 pm

I need more information before I can rank this.

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Xaquelina - PL Harving Perfume Ingredients - pk so 5 points
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