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 Step Two - Cyclops Army

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PostSubject: Step Two - Cyclops Army   Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:46 pm

QUEST FOR THE CROWN - Sub-quest - Defender of the Crown (Pt 2)

Quest designed by Adhikari

Anna washed her clothes in the fresh running water that flowed just north of her house. Her house was one of many new homes that had been built recently as the city walls nearby could no longer hold all the citizens. This land had been dangerous when she was younger, but ever since the Unisun, the Cyclops leader, had been killed, the Cyclops army had been quite for years. There where rumors recently of them kidnapping travelers and merchants, but nothing concrete.

It was early in the morning and the sun was starting to climb the sky over the mountains. The sunlight reflected off the bubbling water as it flowed round the bend like diamonds dancing atop the water. Anna stopped and watched this small miracle, resting for a time.

As she watched the reflected sunlight, the colour of the water started to change colour slightly. As she noticed she looked harder and noticed the deepening green colour of the water. There was only one thing it could be... Orc bloods.

Anna grabbed her pocket knife and started to creep around the rock towards the upper part of the stream. She was no warrior, but
if there was that much blood, the orc was hurt badly & with surprise on her side, it shouldn't be to much trouble. A lump swelled in her throat, fear gripped her. What was an orc doing this far over the mountains, she thought.

As she rounded the corner, ready to attack, she could she a man! He lay, half submerged in the water, covered in orc blood. A shield and weapon lay near where he had fallen. She ran over to see to him. He was in a bad shape. He'd passed out and was covered in wounds. His armour was covered in holes and punctures. She hauled him out of the water and quickly cast a Dragoni healing spell on him before she ran back towards the town.

Athius's opened his eyes. Where was he. This was not a familiar place. He tried to move, put pain steamed through his body. He looked down and his wounds were all bandaged up. As he looked around the room he could see it was a wooden lodge of some kind. There where flowers on the windowsill. He tried once more to sit up...


He screamed out in pain. As he lay back down he saw the door open and a beautiful Dragoni women rushed through the door. As his eyes rolled back into his heads and eye lids closed he heard he say "Now you've ripped open your stitches again..."

It had taken months for Athius to heal. His battle with the orc clans in the desert had taken its toll, but he was getting better quickly now. Anna had been taking care of him all this time, and they had come to be very close. The sweat dripped of his brow as he chopped wood by the river. He took a deep drink and looked over to the lodge. Anna was singing again and the sound made his heart beat extra fast. This was love, he knew it, and she felt the same. All thoughts of being a kings knight were gone.

Anna and Athius where in town picking up some food and wine. She had gone to the market while he headed to the blacksmiths. He had taken his armour there weeks ago, but had no needed for it now. As he entered the blacksmiths shop, he noticed three knights of the king talking to the blacksmith. The blacksmith looked over at Athius and said: "there gentlemen, you don't need to find him, he has found you."

The knights spun around: "Are you Athius?"

"Yes, why..."

"Gregarious sent us. He knew you were around here. He has a mission for you, and he says you owe him."

The knights handed him a letter and walked out the shop. Athius opened the letter:

"Athius, I know you are happy now. We have people watching everywhere you know. I would let you be, but things are changing. The cyclops army near to you has been quite for years, since we got rid of their leader, but they are back. Some idiot has given them moon medallions, and now they are ready to attack. They marched towards you as we speak. Send Anna to me, I will keep her safe, but you must hold the army back long enough for the kings city guard to defend the town.

Athius closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Is my armour ready?" He asked the blacksmith.

"Is it true what they were saying, are we in danger her, in this town?"

"No, you will all be fine, but..." He looked the blacksmith in the eyes, "you must give Anna a message for me..."

*For this quest you must kill 2000 cyclops*

To start this quest please provide a screeny of your current kills counter. If you need help with doing this, just ask in guild, many can help you through the process. There will be no exceptions, ALL who do this quest MUST provide a screenie of the Kills Counter showing armed orc killed so far (if any). Once complete post another screeny to show updated kills counter.


After the quest is finished you will be rewarded with the following:

500 Disengagement rings
1000 Spirit Restoration Portions
5000 Health essences

OA levels
Skill Level(s)

Your attack/defense experience is almost impossible to calculate as it depends on many different factors. It should give well over 500,00 OA experience, if not A LOT more.

THIS QUEST IS DESIGNED TO help YOU get attack, defense and overall levels.
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Step Two - Cyclops Army
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