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 Bertan - DP Underground Relays - worth 1 point

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PostSubject: Bertan - DP Underground Relays - worth 1 point   Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:25 pm

*NOTE* you have to have done the first Relay quest to get this one.

Go to dp 243,71 and talk to Bertan. He asks you to find the underground relays. He gives you a list of coordinates and a list of maps. But they are not in order. You must figure out which coordinate is to which map.

Here are the lists.. you can do them in any order.

PL - go to the Portland Tit cave and go to the bottom level. Go to coordinates 176,36 and look at the rock. You will get a message that you found the relay.
IP - Secret cave in the tavern 54, 34
TG - Spider cave in magic school 82, 64
Naralik - in the lower part of catacombe 155, 24
SK - Carmion Manor basement - 160, 155

Ida - In the mines 234, 266
AA - Underground (go through the waterfall at 197,368) go to 189, 36
WF - Tite cave between WF & KJ 22, 80
EVT - Secret cave under Tavern, TP across broken mine cart track to emeralds area 145,16
Hurguin - In the cave, down to the Crypt, 143, 51

**Note: All the relays are the same Stalagmite type of thing, so look out for them**

When all are done go back to Bertan & get 20,000 engineering exp


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Bertan - DP Underground Relays - worth 1 point
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