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 Novac - IP - Map Jumping Creatures Quest - 5 points

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PostSubject: Novac - IP - Map Jumping Creatures Quest - 5 points   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:11 am

ŠNovac: ‚Indeed. I am trying to create a new potion, and I will need a few different 'batches' of animals. The first batch is a brown rabbit, a raccoon, a wolf, a red snake and a green snake. I have no idea where they are, but those monsters are special, they tend to move a lot. Sometimes they can even change continents, so make sure to look all over the place. Come back when you got them all.

rabbit and green snake in WS, red snake in NRM

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Novac - IP - Map Jumping Creatures Quest - 5 points
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