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 Shayna - PV - Lost Books

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PostSubject: Shayna - PV - Lost Books   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:04 am

1. See 'Shayna' in Palon Vertas Library of the Ancients.

2. See Mayor Morton about library books (191, 160).

3. See Mayor Nyeald in Portland.

4. Go to Tavern in Portland and talk to the innkeeper, go up the ladder and into first room. 'Use' the nightstand at the top of the bed, Return to Nyeald.

5. Go see Osold in Port Anitora (east isle).

6. Find Arbella in Tarsengard's magic school library (Num. 3 in Bloodsucker maps).

7. Kill invisible rate's (sewers, dinning hall, garden, library in the of centre circle,) and normal rats (garden, garden cave (158, 135), tunnel to garden, Magic school masters chambers,). Once all the rats are killed you will get a message box open up to tell you.

8. Speak to Silvars in the library.

9. Go and see Crusher in Arius (142, 122). He will ask for 1000 polished rubies (in your storage).

10. Crusher will then ask for 1000 Titanium bars (in your storage).

11. Crusher sends you back to Silvars in the library, who gives u 10k engineering exp.

12. Talk to Arbella, who gives u 30k magic exp.

13. Go Back to Shayna in PV, she will reward you with 20k atk & def exp.

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PostSubject: misnamed character   Mon Aug 16, 2010 12:32 am

Osold in Anitora misnames Arbella. he calls her Arebella. fortunately i found your link on google.
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Shayna - PV - Lost Books
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