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 Quello - Isc - Dra Syn Translation Quest

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PostSubject: Quello - Isc - Dra Syn Translation Quest   Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:59 am

Dra Syn translation quest

Reward: 20k magic, and 10k alch, craft and manu experience

Items needed:
3 water essies,
3 fire essies,
2 honeycomb,
150 gc
3k gc (or 13k if you don't read this)
4k Cotton
2k Thread
40 needles
50 mana pots
50 minor healing pots
30 srs
30 brs
125 hes
40 empty vials
20 mercury
90 poison antidote pots

The start npc is in the Wizard's passage in Dra Syn. To find him go to
Iscalrith storage and take Dra Syn exit on the left. Go to cave B
(using ranger maps) and take the boat over the water. There you will
find Quello.
He wants something translated and will send to you to his daughter Aurora.

You can find Aurora in the healers chambers in TG magic school. Take
the left hand stairs and enter the room with the red cross outside. She
is in one of the booths.

3 Aurora will send you to PV to find a
vial. Go to the magic school. Go through the main hallway and turn left
in the corridor. Go into the potions classroom and then into the store
room. The vial you want is on the shelves to the left of the door.
Click on the third green vial in the rack to get potion you need. Go
back to TG and give the potion to Aurora.

4 She will then send
you to find Christina in WS. You can find her in the tavern in
Lakeside. She will ask you to bring her 3 water essies, 3 fire essies,
2 honeycomb, 150 gc and permission from Governor Kalana.

Governor Kalana is in DP, she is in the north of the map, next to the
outhouse. She asks you to give her 3k gc so she can fill out the form.
Once you will give her the gc she will tell you she can't find the form
and it will take her a month to get it as she's so busy. At this stage
you can pay her 10k gc to do it quicker or you can find the form for

**If you pay Kalana 10k gold coins to speed things up, Estilo in Desert Pines will give you 20k magic experience.**
believe it's an additional 20k. After getting your 20k magic, 10k alc,
10k craft, 10k man. experience from Quello, you can then complete what
I consider to be another quest in DP with Estilo, in which you rat out
Kalana and get an additional 20k magic experience.**

6 To
find the form go into her house (just next to you) and use an energy
essence on the paw print on the left above the fireplace. Then go to
the shelves to the left of the door and click on the light brown book
to get the form. Take the form back to the governer and she will give
you the permission you need.

7 Go back to Christina with all the
things she asks for. She will tell you you need a written translation
and send you back to Aurora.

8 Aurora is very busy collecting supplies so can't help you unless you get the following ingrediants for her:

4k Cotton
2k Thread
40 needles
50 mana pots
50 minor healing pots
30 srs
30 brs
125 hes
40 empty vials
20 mercury
90 poison antidote pots
you have given her all those you need to go back to PV. (you don't have
to physically take them to her, just have them in storage)

Find Yinto in the green house in Treesoar village (located in Palon
Vertas, roughly at 310,70). She will take the note and put it in her
pocket but you now have the written translation so go back to Quello
(apparently this bug has been fixed since I did the quest, but not sure
exactly what she does now)

10 Give Quello the translation. Quest over, lots of lovely experience and he will also give you free access to Dra Syn.

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Quello - Isc - Dra Syn Translation Quest
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