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 Osold - Port Anitora - Captain Kotlans Scroll (def, rang, atk)

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PostSubject: Osold - Port Anitora - Captain Kotlans Scroll (def, rang, atk)   Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:50 am

Captain Kotlans Scroll

To start got to Port Anitora 252,182 and talk to Osold. He will try to sell you some stolen useless books go through all the long text till you get the quest option. He will then tell you about a scroll Captain Koltan once had and that his ship sunk. Then he says the ship sailed from PL so people there may know more.

Go talk to the PL mayor. He will tell you the baot was sailing to Idalaron but sunk off the coat of evtr.

Go to EVTR 186.69 and use the bottle laying nearby. In it you will find a piece of paper with a clue telling you to find a sunflower between 3 rocks.

Go to Irenveron 456,638 and use the sunflower. It will give you a clue to find the lady surrounded by flowers.

Go To PV 171, 140 and use the statue of the lady in the garden next to the church. It will tell you to find the grave with the rose.

Go to Glacemor 34,180 and use the grave it will give u a clue that the scroll is buried under a bush by the statues.

Go back to PV 165,260 and use the bush. You wont be able to dig up the scroll.

Go back to the npc at the start and he will tell you to talk to Shantir who owes him a favor

Go to the glacemor magic shop and talk to him. He will tell you he needs a serpent stone to unenchant the spot under the bush. Go to sto and get one and take it to him he will then cast the spell.

Go back to the bush and use it again this time you will dig up the scroll.

Take it back to Osold for reward of 10k def exp 15k Ranging exp 20k att exp

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Osold - Port Anitora - Captain Kotlans Scroll (def, rang, atk)
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