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 Koki - NC - Koki's Treasure (Summoning Exp)

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PostSubject: Koki - NC - Koki's Treasure (Summoning Exp)   Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:44 am

Koki in NC 131,70
clue: Magic from the east, war from the west. Fallen comrads lie here to rest. When light be true, you cannot see. When light be false, this is when your sight will see"

VOTD: IT HAS TO BE NIGHTFALL for this part. Use eye on [27,117]
Light from the lamps makes the gravestone look scary. The writing on it looks
somehow different than under sunlight. Leaning closer, you discover that you can read it: A fate that all will at one time meet. Reading will not help you handle the heat, down in the depths below.

#suicide will put you in Hell
Click on book: 153, 49

The book is titled "The Fire of Nordcarn." It is badly damaged and most of the pages are missing, so it is completely useless. Some library might have a better copy though.

PortLand Library : 198, 104
Speak to Drial
Go to Taharaji Desert (PK MAP) This is NOT a no drop map!
Go in Dragon Cave 368, 26
Then go to rubies, touch chest: 126, 79
The seal of Nordcarn! You found the legendary treasure!! You kick the chest
frantically and the lock gives. But the chest is completely empty! Only a small piece of paper with a single line written on it lies on bottom:"Frukas was here."
Go see WS Bookseller Frukas: 123, 128
Go see Elvaro 465, 745
You start to dig where the X is. You dig deep but there is no fork. You can only find the spork, which you pocket.
Go back to Frukas: 123, 128 (still WS map)
Scroll is nearby, 124,120 read it Go back to NC 73, 33 Click on well
Click on bucket NEXT to well
Go back to Koki

REWARD: 10000 Summoning Experience and a fox scarf

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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Koki - NC - Koki's Treasure (Summoning Exp)
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