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 Mrs Lorpak - IP - Fox Scarf Pattern Manu Quest

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PostSubject: Mrs Lorpak - IP - Fox Scarf Pattern Manu Quest   Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:33 am

To start this quest talk to Mrs. Lorpack: she lives in an house on Isla Prima [IP 74,150].

She will ask you to bring her 3 Minor Healing Potions, you can make them or go to Mira the potions seller in Whitestone City [WS 118,706] and buy them (9gc each).

Once you have the potions, go back to Mrs. Lorpack and she will ask you to look for Adnama.

Adnama lives in the Forest of the Fall [WS 611,708]; talk to her and she will ask you to bring her a needle (you can buy it in a general store for 3gc). Give the needle to Adnama and she will talk you of a pattern to make fox scarves.

Go back to Mrs Lorpack and she'll tell you that Victor has the pattern: he is the cape seller in Whitestone City [WS 91,716].

Once you have the pattern (it will not appear in your inventory) go back to talk to Mrs. Lorpack, make a fox scarf (1 fox fur + 1 thread, and 1 needle in your inventory) and bring it to Adnama (you can also buy the scarf from other players).

Give the pattern and the fox scarf to Adnama, then go back to Mrs. Lorpack to complete the quest.

Reward: 1000 exp in Manufacturing skill and 1 pair of Leather Boots.

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Mrs Lorpak - IP - Fox Scarf Pattern Manu Quest
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