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 Wraith - IP - Journey (must do PAST QUEST FIRST)

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PostSubject: Wraith - IP - Journey (must do PAST QUEST FIRST)   Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:27 am

Before starting this quest you must have completed the Past Quest; in this quest you must travel to several NPCs and talk them: after having listened to the description about areas and people of Seridia, every NPC will give you the name and location of the following NPC.

Wraith [IP 161,151]: talk to it in order to start the quest.

Tobias [WS 204,342]: he is in Tirnwood Vale (Whitestone map), inside the house west of the Temple.

Kalana [DP 222,350]: from Desert Pines docks head west, she is outside, near a well, at the start of the forest; after listening to her she will ask you to touch the Tree in the Elandria Temple. It is the white dot in Evergreen Woods [DP 75,329]: go there, enter the temple and click on the central tree with the "use" pointer, then go back to Kalana.

Nyeald [PL 95,56]: from the docks of Desert Pines take the third boat to arrive in Portland. From the Portland docks go west, the mayor is in a building near the city gate.

Erokin [VOTD 18,27]: he is in the Valley of the Dwarves, near the entrance to the gold mine, in the south-west corner of the map.

Koki [NC 130,72]: he is in Nordcarn, sitting on a bench in the city, south-east of the magic shop. (Here is where the problem of note 2 happens more often, be sure to get the name of Rosalyn in the questlog before leave him).

Rosalyn [TG 184,316]: she is in Tarsengaard Magic School, head to the yellow dot to arrive to the Magic School. Enter the school and follow the big corridor, take the stairs on the right and enter the door, follow the new corridor and enter the second door: Rosalyn is here.

Tankel [MM 292,241]: he is in Morcraven Marsh, near a house south-west of the Whitestone exit. (He is also involved in another quest: don't select the dialogue option "daughter" if you don't want to have the 2 quests mixed in the questlog).

Wraith [IP 161,151]: talk to the Wraith to get your reward.

Reward: 1000 exp in one of your skill; the best choice is a skill that is still to level 0, especially Magic or Summoning (since they are the most difficult to start, unless you are sure you are not interested in using them).

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Wraith - IP - Journey (must do PAST QUEST FIRST)
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