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 Christopher - WS - Crafting

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PostSubject: Christopher - WS - Crafting   Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:23 am

To start this quest talk to Christopher in Lakeside Village (he is near a row of 3 houses, north of the general store).

He is looking his master, Fortan, and maybe Itilli could know something:she is the bookseller in Tarsengaard Magic School [TG 184,316]. Enter the school and take the first door on the left to find her.

Itilli wants a book of silver smelting before helping you: the book can be bought for 500gc from Ardur, the bookseller in Naralik [NK 120,67]. Give the book to Itilli and she will talk of the ring Fortan is trying to create.

Go back to Christopher, who will send you to seach the libraries on Seridia.

Go to the Portland library [PL 199,106] and talk to the librarian, Drial: he will direct you to the tent of a gipsy in the Morcraven Marsh.

The tent is in Fort Caladak, enter the black tent [MM 289,44] and click with the "use" cursor on the open book, then go back to Drial and he will give you some hints to find Fortan.

Fortan is in Portland map [PL 162,220] (talking to Fortan before this point is useless for the quest).

Fortan wants you make 5 silver rings to prove your ability in crafting (you can make them or buy from players). Give the rings to Fortan and he will tell you a question for Christopher to answer.

Go back to Christopher and talk to him, then go back to Fortan with his answer; go again to talk to Christopher to end the quest.

Reward: 1500 exp in Crafting skill, 2 Rings of Disengagement, 2 Rings of Valley of the Dwarves, 1 Ring of Portland.

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Christopher - WS - Crafting
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