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 Tutorial NPC - IP - Tutorial

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PostSubject: Tutorial NPC - IP - Tutorial   Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:07 am

To start this quest talk to the Tutorial NPC [IP 161,138].

The quest is made of 3 parts:

You have to go to 5 taverns, select the Use icon (pointing finger) and click on the bar (the big red/brown wooden thing that stands in front of the bartender). If you do it right you'll see a confirming message.

The taverns are marked as orange dots on map: the first one is on Isla Prima (the island where you start the game) [IP 66,132]; once you have clicked on the bar, exit the tavern and go to the docks, click on the banner/flag of the boat and you'll arrive to White Stone.

On the map you'll see 4 other taverns: go to each of them and click on the bars [WS 590,151], [WS 132,643], [WS 83,687], [WS 158,142]. Then you can go back to Isla Prima (the fastest way is typing #beam me: you'll be teleported to the Campfire on Isla Prima). Talk to the Tutorial NPC to complete the first part.

You have to harvest 5 types of flowers and put them in storage; you have the
coordinates of the flowers in your questlog. The first flower is at (59,34) so open the map and move the cursor to those coordinates, then click and your character will start to walk; once you reach the flower put the cursor on it and when it becomes a pickaxe click to start harvesting.

The other flowers are at (67,35), (24,148), (92,166) and (135,70): get at least one of each flower and then go to the docks. Take the boat to White Stone and go to the storage [WS 467,422], talk to Raven and put the flowers in your storage.

Go back to the Tutorial NPC to complete the second part.

Kill rabbits and beavers and take the fur (you can use a bone as a weapon). Bring 10 rabbit furs and 10 beaver furs to the Tutorial NPC to complete the quest.

Reward: Leather Helmet, Leather Padded Armor and Iron Sword.

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Tutorial NPC - IP - Tutorial
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