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 Haidir - WS - Beasties

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PostSubject: Haidir - WS - Beasties   Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:42 pm

Haidir: WS - (374, 303)Yippee! *He jumps up in the air and clicks his boots.* Alrighty, so here's the deal: I got a mighty long list of clientele and they need certain beasties tracked and killed. It's your job to help these folks out. I'll start you off with something easy.

Haidir: I got word from Lady Luxin's handmaid that some pests were finding their way into the castle and snacking on the food stores. Probably rats from the sewers, if you ask me. If you kill a few, that should help get rid of their problem.

Haidir: Whew-we! You don't smell very pretty either. Maybe the desert air will blow the stench off you. Ol' Miss Kalana, you know, the governor of Corren? Well she's been getting mighty pissed that the deer are eating her flowers. She said she's tried poison, fences and all that junk, but there are just too many deer to keep off her garden. She thinks we just need to hunt down a couple of deer and she can handle the rest with her methods. So there ya go. Head on over and hunt some deer. Of course, whatever deer droppings you find, you keep.

Haidir: Mighty tasty, I know. But enough about our stomachs and more about the next job! So Thoth tells me some critter keeps eating his experiments outside his laboratory in Morcraven. He hasn't identified it, but he says it's all white. Looks like you gotta find this thing and kill it, otherwise, we'll have one very pissed off scientist on our hands. Get it? He'd be a mad scientist. *Haidir bursts out laughing.* What? You don't like it? Whatever, just go kill the damn thing.

Haidir: Figures it'd be something lame like that. Good thing you get to move on up in the world and kill the little devils! Imps I mean.. those little buggers give me the creeps. Anywho, Krystal said the Imps have been breaking into her house in Crystal Caves and causing a ruckus. Go kill some!

Haidir: ‚Great work, mate. You've sure got a knack for this. I'm going to up your difficulty on these tasks because I'm so impressed. Atekel tells me the bears in one of the caves nearby her home are getting angry lately and attacking Nordcarn citizens. Best way to deal with angry bears is with a swift blow to their head. Good luck, and remember, these aren't friendly bears, so don't expect to be hugged. Get it? A bear hug! *He giggles at his joke. You walk away a little bit quicker.*

Haidir: ‚*He cracks up.* Woooowwwee! That was a mighty fine joke. I'm gonna have to borrow that one. Well, hope your sense of humor lasts a bit longer, because I got one more task for ya and boy is it a doozy. This is an out of town job.. more out of continent. There has been a feran that has become rabid and Mayor Morton of Palon Vertas said it needs to be dealt with. You know what that means. One thing though.. he said the feran wanders some of the neighboring regions, especially those north of the city. You're gonna have to track it down. Good luck.

Feran can be found on any one of five maps, HE JUMPS!!!!!! PV, Hurquin, Melinas, EVTR, SRM

40000 A/D experience.

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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Haidir - WS - Beasties
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