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 Vaesura - WS - Elf Party

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PostSubject: Vaesura - WS - Elf Party   Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:58 pm

Vaesura WS - (301, 319): ‚Every year, the council organizes a party for all the elves. This year it is my turn to organize it, and I've been unable to locate some elves. If you can find them and tell them about this party, I would appreciate it. Here is the list: Drial, Kane, Astra, Isabella, Aleister, Avyia, Xaquelina, Kahlen, Moonflower, Hawkins, Silvars, Donegal, Lasud and Adnama. Please return to me after you tell them about it.

Drial: PL Library
Aleister: PL (198, 258)
Avyia: PL (247, 151)
Xaquelina: PL - on a ship at the docks (185, 56)
Kane: DP Docks, WS boat. Pointy Finger on gray thing on ships wheel (357, 360)
Astra: DP (307, 235)
Isabella: DP (341, 38)
Hawkins: Nordcarn - In front of PK Arena (86, 108)
Kahlen: MM - North Temple, Inside
Moonflower: TG - Southern Temple (324, 59), pointy finger on diamond on pole to get in. Then to (25, 111)
Silvars: TG Magic School Library (28, 238) Rangers Map, door 12.
Donegal: TG Magic School - go thru Sewers door 23 on Rangers Map, (179, 23) (PK area) go left, up ladder, safe then.
Lasud: IP - In front of Tavern (64, 136)
Adnama: WS (612, 708)

Vaesura: ‚You told everyone? I bet it was hard to find them.. I really appreciate your help, it means a lot to me. Please accept this reward. *you gain 20000 ranging exp*

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Vaesura - WS - Elf Party
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