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 Quest for the Crown Pt 6 - 1500 ea ring of Isc EVTR Imbroglio Glacmor

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PostSubject: Quest for the Crown Pt 6 - 1500 ea ring of Isc EVTR Imbroglio Glacmor   Sat Nov 07, 2009 4:38 pm

CROWN - Part Six
Step Series Quest


Quest designed by Love42 with storyline by Love42 and TessAnna

Spending two glorious days with Kyrae made Hikari’s heart dance. He was so happy and excited that he almost forgot his original mission. With one thing only on his mind, he had a private chat in the back room with Rayner. Beaming proudly Rayner shook his hand and promised to give Kyrae and Hikari some privacy. “Back in a bit Sis” he happily announced as he stepped from the back room. Nervously Hikari took Kyrae’s hands in his own and looked deep in her eyes, slowly dropping to one knee. “My love, I can think of nothing more than spending the rest of my life with you” he stammered. Kyrae’s eyes welled up with tears of joy as she looked down at the Elf she dearly loved, her heart dancing so fast she thought she would surely pass out. “Will you do me the honor of spending the rest of your life with me Sweet Kyrae?”
Dropping down to her own knees, Kyrae embraced her beloved, only able to nod the lump in her throat preventing her from speaking. “I don’t have the right ring yet, my Love, “Hikari said, “but as soon as I complete my Quest, I promise to give you the most beautiful jewels this side of Irillion.” “All I need is you my Love” stammered Kyrae. She then gave him the instructions for the next part of the Quest.

The sixth step in this Quest for the Crown Series is to make 1500 Ring(s) of Iscarlith, 1500 Ring(s) of Imbroglio Islands, 1500 Ring(s) of Glacmor and 1500 Ring(s) of Emerald Valley Trade Route. It’s a long and tedious process, but well worth it to obtain the Crown. You will need the following knowledge gained in step 5. Because this is a long and arduous journey the GM’s will be more than happy to supply you with the books of knowledge, should you not already have them. Good luck, hope to see you in the fun and final step.

To start this step, you will have needed to do the first six steps, when finished you must provide a screenie of your crafting counter. There will be no exceptions, ALL who do this quest MUST provide a screenie of the Craft Counter.


Starting this step*IF* you do not have the books of knowledge required, they will be given to you.

After the quest, you will be able to keep half of all items and you will be required to turn over the other half to be sold off one of the Market Bots. (Special Note: NPC in IOTF buys the rings for 175 gc each if you don’t wish to use the bots). Since the rings will bring a minimum of 750,000 gc to the guild, your reward will be one complete Titanium Armor Set, including Titanium Helm and Titanium Shield (Defender of the Crown is an excellent Quest in which to use these), one Crown of Mana Book (worth 25000 gc) and one Crown of Life Book (worth 25000 gc) UPON COMPLETION of the this step.

Skill Level(s)

Your craft/alchemy experience should surpass 10,542,000.

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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Quest for the Crown Pt 6 - 1500 ea ring of Isc EVTR Imbroglio Glacmor
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