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 PELTS NEEDED: Part Six by adhikari

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PostSubject: PELTS NEEDED: Part Six by adhikari   Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:54 am


Mid-High Level


Written and designed by Adhikari


Blood dripped from his hands onto the stone floor. Sweat ran down his face, filling his eyes with salt water. He drank deep from the tanker of Ale placed before him by the grateful tavern keeper. The young elf had fought for three days without a rest, racing between village and town helping the townsfolk defend their home and farms from the aggressive bears. The attacks had finally stopped when the mighty Lenny had fallen deep within the Kusumura Jungle a few hours ago, but no word had come from the Jungle since...

The young Elf sat outside the Emerald Valley tavern, watching the townsfolk start the construction of the stage that would host the celebrations. The sword Thunderdog had given him so long ago was being sharpened by the local blacksmith.

As the people walked passed they gave the young Elf a nod and a smile, maidens that were weaving the ribbons for the celebrations giggled and whispered, looking at the young elf. None of this mattered though. His thoughts were somewhere else completely...

His arms ached like never before, his head was filled with images of townsfolk being torn apart by the bears before he was able to aid them.

His eyes were heavy, his arms swung down to his side, his head dropped to the side. The young elf had just fallen asleep when...

In the distance there was shouting. Men grabbed pitch forks and clubs and headed towards Kusumura Jungle entrance. The young Elf awoke with a jump, he saw the commotion and ran towards Kusumura Jungle entrance.

A crowd was gathering around a fallen figure. The Elf pushed his way through the crowd...


He lay on the ground, blood curdled from his mouth. He was covered in deep scratches that wouldn't stop bleeding. The Elf's eyes filled with water as he knelt down and put Thunderdog's head upon his knees. He looked at the healer, the healer looked back and shook his head. There was nothing anyone one could do now.

Thunerdog looked up at the Elf his eyes glazed over. "don't worry lad, Aluwen will have a grand place for me for my deeds..." He coughed up some blood that ran down his cheek. The Elf's hands squeezed Thunderdog's tunic. "What happened?" The Elf spoke softly.

The crowd that had gathered were silent, everyone leant in to hear Thunderdogs response.

"You need not worry lad, all is well..." He coughed up more blood, a deep dark red now trickled onto the floor and into the mud. "We got him, Lenny fell by Hitou Hot Spring. We are victorious." He coughed again and his eyes seemed to stare off at an unknown figure.

"Then why do you lay here dying, and were are the others?" The Elf had to know...

Thunderdog came back for a few seconds: "Lenny knew he was done for, but he had one last trick up his sleeve. As we all bathed in the hot spring, movement stirred the still jungle. Before we could reach our weapons, Tigers jumped at us from all sides. I managed to crawl back here, but there was just to many of them..." His eyes started to glaze over again.

Suddenly Thunderdogs strength came back. He grabbed the young Elf: "Vengeance is not needed. You are as great a warrior as I, we are victorious. Lenny has fallen. Live your life boy, let this lie with my death..." With that he fell into the everlasting sleep.

The young elf keeled over, his gut retched with pain. It was like losing his father all over again. The townsfolk slowly walked away in silence, leaving the young elf with his pain.

The elf carried Tunderdogs body into the snowy land s a buried him deep in the frozen land, leaving nothing but his sword to mark the grave.

A shadow blocked the sun from the blacksmiths eyes. "Is my sword sharpened yet old man?" a voice said, deep anger could be heard within his words. "Yes it is, but, but Thunderdog told ye not to seek vengeance!"

The Elf picked up his sword: "No tiger will walk this land again or I shall die as Tunderdog did..."

The blacksmith watched the Elven warrior walk towards Kusumura Jungle as the sun set and the celebrations could be heard in town. "There will be no one to bury you though my friend" thought the blacksmith as he walked into town to join the rest of the townsfolk...

To start this quest please provide a screenies of your current kills counter. If you need help with doing this, just ask in guild, many can help you through the process. There will be no exceptions, ALL who do this quest MUST provide screenies of the Kills Counter prior to starting and after completion of the quest. Screenies must include all critters mentioned in the Quest.

Hunt Eternal Lands and bring back the following prizes:

600 Tiger (equal to 600 Tiger furs, 1800 Raw Meat and 1200 Bones)
600 White Tiger (equal to 600 White Tiger furs, 1800 Raw Meat and 1200 Bones)

For clarification purposes, you will obtain, 600 Tiger furs, 600 White Tiger furs, 3600 Raw Meat and 2400 Bones.


2000 Health Essences
500 Spirit Restoration Potions
250 Rings of Disengagement


Skill level(s)

Half of all critters back

The purpose of this quest is to help stock PAL Bots. Rewards are given to help replenish your supplies.
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PELTS NEEDED: Part Six by adhikari
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