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 PELTS NEEDED: Part Five by Adhikari

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PostSubject: PELTS NEEDED: Part Five by Adhikari   Tue Jul 21, 2009 6:52 am


Mid-High Level


Written and designed by Adhikari

This quest is worth 4 ranking points

The young Elf walked along the river in Palon Vertas, his bag of feathers bursting. As he walked he could feel the sun on his face and the wind in his hair, today was a good day. He felt strong, really strong, and his skills where improving all the time. Soon, he thought, soon he will be the great warrior he always wanted to be.

As he walked past the storage across the river, he saw some familiar figure, it was Thunderdog and his friends. The young Elf hurried across the bridge to go and join them. Why had they come across to Palon Vertas from Idaloran?

As the young Elf drew close to the storage, he could se Thunderdog putting on huge great armour. Thunderdogs friends were also busy, one sharpening a great sword with spikes around the handle, the other was frantically mixing silver ore with Chrysanthemums, churning out health essences at quite a rate. As the young elf walked past the windmill he noticed Thunderdogs elven friend. He was sat against the windmill attaching feathers to Yew sticks. The young elf smiled to himslef and threw down the bag of feathers at the elven warriors side. Startled a little due to his concentration the elven warrior turned towards the young elf.

"Wha ha ha har, well done boy. I didn't even hear you coming. Better, much better..."

With that the elven warrior returned to making arrows and bolts, pulling a hand-full of feathers out of the bag. As the young elf approached Thunderdog he turned towards him. Placing both hands uoon his shoulders he said:

"Thank you boy, I got the pelts you sent me, and those feathers will come in handy, we thank you..."

A large number of warriors walked around the corner. Thunderdog, releasing his hold on the young elf, looked over the group of warriors with a hidden look of concern. Before Thunderdog stood warriors of all kinds, all races and all age. There were rangers, brutish PKers, old hunters and elegant swordsmen. Why was such an array of warriors collecting here. As the young elf was about to ask Thunderdog, a small dwarf with a long red beard, platted at the tip, stepped forward and spoke:

"Thunderdog? General Alex sent us. We were to report to you and ready ourselves!"

Thunderdog took in a deep breath, exhaling slowly: "Ay, good. Gather your things, you will need health essences and potions. And if you have any, bring some Rostos. We won't have time to gather and death bags of the fallen". With that the warriors started to gather their belongings, preparing for a great battle.

The young elf watched for a few minutes and then turned to Thunderdog. He had moved away and was standing at the end of the small pier, staring out across the land towards the sun. The young elf went and joined him. The sun was setting and you could feel the cold darkness of night encroaching across the land behind them.

"Can you feel it? The darkness, it approaches" Thunderdogs head sank into his chest. Never had the young elf seen this great warrior look so helpless. "Hard times come my friend. A Feros was caught spying on us near Idaloran, he was tortured and revealed a plot..."

Thunderdog turned to the young Elf "There is a creature, more powerful in intelligence than any other. They call him 'Lenny'. He has raised an army of creatures and plans to take back this land from us civilized races. He has already taken over Thelinor, and now he moves on Melinis..."

The young Elf didn't know what to say, he started to mumble something about what he could do to help, though he feared almost certain death in this battle. Thunderdog spoke over his mumble "You cannot come with us friend, you are not ready. This will be a bloody battle, most of us will not return. Never before have we faced an army like this army of Lenny. General Alex has fortified Melinis and is awaiting help. We will ride in from Sedicolis, and the Draegoni and Orchans armies will sail across from Red Moon Island, but we must hold Melinis..."

Thunderdog stared off across the land once more. His eyes closed for a mere second before a warrior approached them "Thunderdog..."

"I KNOW, I know. It is time" He turned to face his troops. Nodding, he looked down at the young elf:

"I have a job for you. This Lenny has stirred up more than his army. Once peaceful creatures are becoming more aggressive. The large peaceful Bears that roam this land are attacking merchants and travelers and are venturing closer to outlying farms than ever before. Protect the people we fight to save my friend, this is what I ask of you..."

With that Thunderdog leapt forward, rising into his horses saddle "HEEEYAAAAAAAAA". He rode off towards Sedicolis, the warriors following close behind him.

To start this quest please provide a screenies of your current kills counter. If you need help with doing this, just ask in guild, many can help you through the process. There will be no exceptions, ALL who do this quest MUST provide screenies of the Kills Counter prior to starting and after completion of the quest. Screenies must include all critters mentioned in the Quest.

Hunt Eternal Lands and bring back the following p[/color]rizes:

600 Black/Grizzly Bears (equal to 600 Bear furs, 1800 Raw Meat and 2400 Bones)
600 Polar Bears (equal to 600 Polar Bear furs, 1800 Raw Meat and 2400 Bones)

For clarification purposes, you will obtain, 600 Bear furs, 600 Polar Bear furs, 3600 Raw Meat and 4800 Bones.


1000 Health Essences
500 Spirit Restoration Potions
250 Rings of Disengagement


Skill level(s)

Half of all critters back

The purpose of this quest is to help stock PAL Bots. Rewards are given to help replenish your supplies.

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PELTS NEEDED: Part Five by Adhikari
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