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 PELTS NEEDED - PART FOUR - Written by Adhikari

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PostSubject: PELTS NEEDED - PART FOUR - Written by Adhikari   Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:03 pm


Mid Level


Written and designed by Adhikari

This quest is worth 3 ranking points

The young Elf was exhausted. Never before had he travelled so far and wide in search of these creatures Thunderdog had asked him to hunt. Across deserts and through jungles he had traveled, and finally he had enough to prove his worth to Thunderdog.

He was loading the last of the Black Panther furs onto his wagon just outside Hagbard Wharf when he heard a strange noise coming from the sky. As he looked up he say a object falling straight towards him. He dived out of the way as quick as he could, as he rolled over in the mud he looked over and saw a hawk with an arrow through its neck. He crawled over to the dead bird and reached out to pick it up...


An arrow landed next to his hand...


Two more arrows landed in the tree just behind him, barley missing his head. Startled he looked around, and then he noticed a hooded figure on the rocks before him.

Noticing that the young elf had noticed their position, the stranger stood up, loading another arrow into their bow. With a slightly familiar sounding voice the stranger said:

"That be my kill son, leave it..."

The young elf knew the voice, but the stranger didn't reveal himself.

"So your done with Thunderdog's hunting have ya, Ha. Anyone can hunt things that run around on the ground, but it takes carefully placed skill, attentive ears and perceptive eyes to hunt creatures of the sky"

The stranger elegantly jumped down from the rocks and moved towards the dead hawk, as he passed the young elf got a small glimpse of the stranger under the white hood. The stranger pulled out the arrow and pulled the tail feather from the bird, throwing the carcass away the stranger placed the valuable feather into the bag around the strangers waist.

He began to walk off when the stranger stop. With head slightly turned the stranger said:

"Hunt enough of these birds and then more than just Thunderdog will respect you as a hunter and a fighter"

With that the stranger walked off. The young elf knew who he was, he was sure, and so paid a local merchant to transport the pelts back to Idaloran, for he now had more hunting to do...

To start this quest please provide a screenies of your current kills counter. If you need help with doing this, just ask in guild, many can help you through the process. There will be no exceptions, ALL who do this quest MUST provide screenies of the Kills Counter prior to starting and after completion of the quest. Screenies must include all critters mentioned in the Quest

Hunt Eternal Lands and bring back the following prizes:

600 Hawks (equal to 600 Hawk Feathers)
600 Falcons (equal to 600 Falcon Feathers)

For clarification purposes, you will obtain, 600 Hawk feathers and 600 Falcon feathers.


1 Short Bow
100 Training Arrows
1 Augmented Set
5000 gc
Skill level(s)

Half of all critters back

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PELTS NEEDED - PART FOUR - Written by Adhikari
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