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 Pelts Needed, Part Three - Written by Adhikari

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PostSubject: Pelts Needed, Part Three - Written by Adhikari   Thu Jul 16, 2009 8:59 am


Mid Level


Written and designed by Adhikari


It had been months since the little elf last saw Thunderdog. He had been all over the land hunting the animals on his list, but finally he had done it. As he pulled the cart towards the campfire, he noticed how his arms bulged through his shirt and how easy it was getting to pull this cart, though in the back of his mind he knew there was still two waiting for him back at storage to go and fetch.

As he approached he saw that the campfire was abandoned, even the fire was not alight anymore. He looked around the area but found no trace of anyone. His heart sank, had Thunderdog forgotten about him, after all this work. He sat by the dead fire and let his head sink into his chest. He was just about to nod off when he heard a noise behind him, he jumped up and spun around. A old Draegoni approached him, hooded in black. He was truly old, with wrinkles over his wrinkles. The Draegoni smiled at the young elf, and from his smile the elf could tell he was a friend.

"You must be the young elven warrior Thunderdog told me about"

"Yes, where is he? I have all these pelts for him."

"He asked me to keep an eye out for you, he gave me this to give to you"

With that the Draegoni turned and disapeared back into the dark woods.

The young elf opened the letter, it read:

My young friend, if you are reading this then you have done well. Do not worry, I did not forget you. I have traveled to Irillion to enter a combat competition. I am staying in a city near the competition called Idaloran. Go and seek out Sarma, he will get you to Idaloran. I have already paid the fee for you and your load. I look forward to seeing how you've grown my little elf.

A few days later the elf was walking down a tree lined path towards a magnificent looking city, with rivers that flowed through and under it and huge bronze statues either side of the archway entrance. He continued towards the centre of the city, hoping to see Thunderdog. He did not see him, but heard his roar of a laugh.

Outside of a tavern four large men were sat drinking ale. As the elf approach Thunderdog turned and greeted him:

"My friends please welcome the friend I spoke of, the great puma hunter"

"So this is the next Thunderdog is it, ey, has the same look in his eye" Said the Orchan with a magnificent looking steel helm upon his head.

"Ey, the look of 'I'm going to get me arse kicked in the next round', Roooaaaarrrr Ha ha ha har" The Large blond man with the moon shaped necklace about his neck shouted.

"Why you cheeky little..."

With that Thunderdog lunged towards the blond man, the man lent back and flipped Thunderdog over his head. Thunderdog managed to land on his feet and turned to take the mans next attack...

The Orchan sat and laughed at the two as they rolled around in the ale drenched dirt. The other man sat at the table turned towards the young elf for the first time, under his white hooded cape the young elf saw pointed ears, he to was an elf! The elven warrior gestured towards the seat next to him:

"Let them be son, its just play fighting, its what kids do, Ha Ha Har" He took a long drink from his ale. "Woman, another round of ale, and bring an extra one for our friend here" he belowed at the barmaid who was walking past. "Enjoy yourself, have a few drinks, from what I hear you've earned it. And you will need to relax before Thunderdog tells you what you'll be doing next..."

start this quest please provide a screenies of your current kills
counter. If you need help with doing this, just ask in guild, many can
help you through the process. There will be no exceptions, ALL who do
this quest MUST provide screenies of the Kills Counter prior to starting and after completion of the quest. Screenies must include all critters mentioned in the Quest.

Hunt Eternal Lands and bring back the following prizes:
600 Leopard (equal to 600 Leopard furs, 1800 raw meat, 1800 bones)
600 Snow Leopard (equal to 600 Snow Leopard furs, 2400 raw meat and 1200 Bones)
600 Feran (equal to 600 Feran Horns, 1800 raw meat and 1200 Bones)
600 Black Panther (equal to 600 Black Panther furs, 1800 raw meat and 1200 Bones)

For clarification purposes, you will obtain, 600 Leopard furs, 600 Snow Leopard furs, 600 Feran Horns, 600 Black Panther furs, 7800 raw meat, and 5400 bones.

2 Steel Chainmail
2 Steel Shields
3 Iron Helms
5 Augmented Leather Pants

Skill level(s)
Half of all critters back[/size]

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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Pelts Needed, Part Three - Written by Adhikari
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