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 Kill 1000 Armed Orcs - by Adhikari

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PostSubject: Kill 1000 Armed Orcs - by Adhikari   Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:05 pm

QUEST FOR THE CROWN - Sub-quest - Defender of the Crown (Pt 1)

Quest designed by Adhikari

Athius had always been the biggest in his village, even as a child he looked older than the rest of the children he played with. As a young man when he visited the nearby Elf forest he towered over the Elf's, and when he traveled north to the city he always drew unwanted attention from other young men trying to prove their fighting skills in the arena. Athius had never really been interested in fighting much as he was always too busy helping his mother out with the farm, as since his father died he was the man of the house and had had to grow up quickly in attitude as
well as size. That was until one day...

Athius returned from market to find his house smoldering, he rushed inside to find his mother, killed by sword point. He heard the sound of a horse outside, he rushed out the house to see a knight of the crown in full armour, the sun glinting off his armour:

"Quick boy, what happened here? Are you ok?" The knight bellowed.

"Mm, my, My mother is dead, my house destroyed..."

"But your ok yes?"

"Y yes I'm fine, but I have no idea what happened, I was at market all day"

"Damn it, not again." Said the knight, seemingly to himself. He re-directed his attention towards Athius: "Well at least you survived, ay. It's not safe around here anymore. I suggest you go the the city and wait"

"NO" Screamed Athius "I WANT REVENGE FOR MY MOTHER" Emotions swelled up inside of him, his fists where clenched tight"

The knight smoke softly "Your not strong enough son, there's no need for more innocent lives to be lost today" He stiffened up and looked off into the distance "If you want revenge, travel to the capitol, train to be a knight, become a Defender of The Crown"

With that the knight rode off, heading south towards the marsh. Athius, his anger
still boiling, went back into the house. It was a long way to the capitol and he would need supplies for the journey.

It was a year since his mothers death. Athius had been training to be a knight for nearly 10 months now, and he had progressed fast. He awoke early, as usual, to prepare his masters breakfast. As he entered the kitchen his master was already awake:

"Athius, my friend, come and sit down."

Athius was worried, never before had his master been so informal with him. "Yes Gregarious, whats the matter?"

Gregarious smiled. "You've done well Athius, not only are you big and strong but
your determined, there is a fire of determination within you I have never seen before"

Athius had never talked about his mother, not to anyone.

"I have taught you all there is to know at this point Athius. It is time you left, leave this city and do not return until I have heard word of your deeds. To be a defender of the crown, yes must defend the crown you serve. That means you must protect the people of this land" Gregarious stood up and made a gesture towards the corner of the room "Take my old sword and armour and be gone"

Athius almost thought he saw Gregarious's eyes swelling as he turned and strode out the room. Athius moved towards the sword and armour. A fine set it was. He
gathered supplies, put on the armour and set out in search of people in need.

Athius had only been traveling for some days when he saw a figure resting buy the path in the shade of some trees. As he approached he saw a handsome elf. He was surrounded by gems and he was frantically polishing gems of all kinds. As Athius approached, the Elven Stranger barley looked up.

"Is everything ok?" Athius asked

The elven stranger looked up at him, realizing he was sitting before a knight. "No, it's not, armed orcs have been attacking villages in the area. The women I love's shop was attacked and it is not safe for her to return to the area until this band of armed orcs are killed. I am doing what I can to help her and her brother by making them some more supplies, but what is the point if they are still in danger?"

The elven stranger carried on polishing gems. Athius smiled, it was a half hidden smile, as though he was about to do something that he was going to enjoy.

"Where can I find these orcs?"

The elven stranger stared at Athius, wondering about his strange smile and what
his intentions where. "They travel across the mountains to the west, from the desert. It is a dangerous place, full of things far worse than orcs!"

Athius drew his sword, its blade glistened in the sun. "Good, then I know where to find them" Athius looked down at the elven stranger "Do not worry anymore, the orcs will not bother anyone again. Tell your friends that Athius is here, and he is a defender of the crown, and they shall not suffer anymore"

With that Athius ran towards the mountains, teeth clenched and sword ready. This was going to be dangerous, but he knew that he could do it.

*For this quest you must kill 1000 armed orcs*

To start this quest please provide a screeny of your current kills counter. If you need help with doing this, just ask in guild, many can help you through the process. There will be no exceptions, ALL who do this quest MUST provide a screenie of the Kills Counter showing armed orc killed so far (if any). Once complete post another screeny to show updated kills counter.


After the quest is finished you will be rewarded with the following:

100 Disengagement rings
1 full iron plate set
1 titanium long sword

OA levels
Skill Level(s)

attack/defense experience is almost impossible to calculate as it depends on many different factors. It should give well over 500,00 OA experience, if not A LOT more.

THIS QUEST IS DESIGNED TO help YOU get attack, defense and overall levels.

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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Kill 1000 Armed Orcs - by Adhikari
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