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 PELTS NEEDED, PART TWO - submitted by AngelMother

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PostSubject: PELTS NEEDED, PART TWO - submitted by AngelMother   Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:46 pm

Low-Mid Level


After several weeks of hunting the little elf threw the last bag of rat tails onto an already full cart.
After getting to Nordcarn he traveled north until he came upon the campfire he'd found before.
This time however the campfire was deserted.
The fire still roared loudly so he started to unload his battle spoils.
"how'd it feel?"
the little elf dropped the pelts he'd been holding and turned around to see Thunderdog walking back into camp
"how'd what feel?" he spurted out
Thunderdog said in a low voice "getting stronger"
"feeling yourself become better with everykill, it's quite intoxicating"
there was a moment of silence as the little elf thought about the past couple weeks
The struggle at first as he used up all the he's he could afford to buy and the time spent resting when he couldn't
Then he thought about when his load of furs and pelts filled up faster than his life became depleted and when the hunt almost seemed like a game.
"i loved it" the little elf said with passion.
A small smiled played on Thunderdogs lips, "that's what i wanted to hear".
The augmented armor made a soft thud when it hit the ground at the elves feet.
"sit and eat, you'll need your energy when", sounded a bit ominous to the elf but he could handle whatever was next, at least he was pretty sure he could.

Hunt Eternal Lands and bring back the following prizes:

600 Deer (equal to 600 Deer furs, 600 antlers, 1200 raw meat, 1800 bones)
600 Foxes (equal to 600 Fox furs and 600 Bones)
600 Wolves (equal to 600 Wolf furs and 600 Bones)
600 Puma (equal to 600 Puma furs and 1200 Bones)

For clarification purposes, you will obtain, 600 deer fur, 600 antlers, 1200 raw meat, 4200 bones, 600 fox furs, 600 wolf furs, and 600 puma furs.


3 Iron Chainmail
3 Iron Shields
3 Iron Helms
1 Steel Long Sword
Skill level(s)
Half of all critters back

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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PELTS NEEDED, PART TWO - submitted by AngelMother
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