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 HAGATHA THE POTIONER NEEDS US - submitted by TessAnna (pot 10-20)

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PostSubject: HAGATHA THE POTIONER NEEDS US - submitted by TessAnna (pot 10-20)   Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:42 pm

Low Level Quest

10-20 potion levels advised

Quest designed by TessAnna with storyline by TessAnna

With a huge gust of wind Hagatha appeared in the private Council Room during a meeting. Her crazy hair was everywhere and her eyes were wild. It was obvious she was in turmoil. She came to the Council of the Paladins of Ancient Lands as she felt only a Paladin could be trusted. Her secret cave had been discovered and ransacked by the unworthy, the pkers and the bagjumpers. All her favorite potions were gone and she had promised so many out to her dear and honorable friends. The Council, always wishing to help others promised the Paladins could help her. It's up to us dear Paladins. The world of Hagatha rests on our shoulders, she is relying on us to get her through this rough time in her life.

For this particular quest you will be required to create the following potions:
150 x Potion of Reason (requires potion level 4, vegetal nexus of 1)
150 X Potion of Coordination (requires potion level 10, vegetal nexus of 2)
150 X Potion of Wild (requires potion level 12, vegetal nexus of 3)
150 X Potion of Will (requires potion level 14, vegetal nexus of 3)
150 X Potion of Vitality (requires potion level 16, vegetal nexus of 3)
150 X Potion of Attack (requires potion level 18, vegetal nexus of 4)
200 X Potion of Spirit Restoration (requires potion level 20, vegetal nexus of 4)
150 X Potion of Feasting (requires potion level 22, vegetal nexus of 4)


Rewards given by guild are yet to be determined, advice is greatly appreciated.

Skill Level(s)

Your potion experience should surpass 58,900 ; the harvesting and fighting experience are almost impossible to calculate but we are sure you will gain close to 100k worth of overall points. .

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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HAGATHA THE POTIONER NEEDS US - submitted by TessAnna (pot 10-20)
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