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 Notes on PAL foundation (to be deleted when the story is written proper)

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PostSubject: Notes on PAL foundation (to be deleted when the story is written proper)   Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:53 pm

[TessAnna @ guild]: SpleenFeeder/LadyZan/Charm_Lord/TessAnna/DMZ all used to be in EWoL, it was council run, then MarcusWeck got power hungry and fired the council. >>>
[Mercie @ guild]: Oooh, so ruins was the beggining to the guild...
Convict: hi
[Mercie @ guild]: Please post it in forums, I don't want to forget any detail
[TessAnna @ guild]: I was new to the guild but I didnt like the politics, after LadyZan asked to be booted I followed within seconds.......
[Mercie @ guild]: Oki, then what happened?
[TessAnna @ guild]: soon all of us i mentioned did, we harved at the lilacs forever and created PoD, Paladins of Draia.
[SeanSherk @ guild]: i dont think anyone in this guild has played long enough to remember my first guild
[PM from Thunder_Bird: whatcha up to]
[TessAnna @ guild]: at first i was the only regular member... then as time went by, I became Council, LadyZan was GM>
[Mercie @ guild]: Wow, I thought you were always GM.
[TessAnna @ guild]: LadyZan had some RL issues, she left and forgot to appoint anyone else as GM... we waited a year.... then I left, created PAL and all came with me
[TessAnna @ guild]: PAL, Paladins of Ancient Lands
[TessAnna @ guild]: sometimes when I have left, I appoint rank 20 to someone else, since now Love is the co-gm, whenever i travel or have to be gone, she will have the rank 20
[Mercie @ guild]: So something like "The forgotten members all decided to disband their wonderful guild, and together they reformed it." would work?
[Mercie @ guild]: Ahh, that is a good idea
[TessAnna @ guild]: our guild was founded on the ideals of honor, integrity, loyalty.... you get the idea
[TessAnna @ guild]: the ball is in your court

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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Notes on PAL foundation (to be deleted when the story is written proper)
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