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 EL Quests Walk Through

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PostSubject: EL Quests Walk Through   Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:12 am

Here is information about the basic EL quests you may find useful if you haven't completed or in helping newbies :

Tutorial Quest

To start this quest talk to the Tutorial NPC [IP 161,138].

The quest is made of 3 parts:

You have to go to 5 taverns, select the Use icon (pointing finger) and click on the bar (the big red/brown wooden thing that stands in front of the bartender). If you do it right you'll see a confirming message.

The taverns are marked as orange dots on map: the first one is on Isla Prima (the island where you start the game) [IP 66,132]; once you have clicked on the bar, exit the tavern and go to the docks, click on the banner/flag of the boat and you'll arrive to White Stone.

On the map you'll see 4 other taverns: go to each of them and click on the bars [WS 590,151], [WS 132,643], [WS 83,687], [WS 158,142]. Then you can go back to Isla Prima (the fastest way is typing #beam me: you'll be teleported to the Campfire on Isla Prima). Talk to the Tutorial NPC to complete the first part.

You have to harvest 5 types of flowers and put them in storage; you have the coordinates of the flowers in your questlog. The first flower is at (59,34) so open the map and move the cursor to those coordinates, then click and your character will start to walk; once you reach the flower put the cursor on it and when it becomes a pickaxe click to start harvesting.

The other flowers are at (67,35), (24,148), (92,166) and (135,70): get at least one of each flower and then go to the docks. Take the boat to White Stone and go to the storage [WS 467,422], talk to Raven and put the flowers in your storage.

Go back to the Tutorial NPC to complete the second part.

Kill rabbits and beavers and take the fur (you can use a bone as a weapon). Bring 10 rabbit furs and 10 beaver furs to the Tutorial NPC to complete the quest.

Reward: Leather Helmet, Leather Padded Armor and Iron Sword.

Potion NPC

(No ranking credit will be given for it)
In Portland go to the Potion School [272,266]
Talk to Portia keep clicking the dialog until she says something about lending her 12k gold coin (Make sure its in your inv) and click the dialog saying you will lend her the money and *Poof* 10k potion exp
Also if you do then at lvl 0 potions you will be lvl 14 when done
You will not get the 12k gold coins back

Wine Quest
To start this quest talk to Latis, he is in the winery (fort Caladak) in the Morcraven Marsh [MM 290,60]. You must talk to him until you get the dialogue option "parents die", select it and follow the dialogue (you won't find anything in your questlog).

Now go to Portland and talk to the Mayor [PL 95,56]; he will send you to Bais. Bais is in the backroom in Portland storage [PL 229,79], but he won't say you anything until Latis and Vesine repay their debt.

Go back to Latis and he'll explain they can't repay Bais because of a drought affecting the wine production.

First go to the Portland library [PL 198,106] and talk to the librarian, Drial, about the various topics until you arrive at the Irrigation methods.

Now go to Nordcarn and talk to Morumi, he is sitting on a bench south of the Magic Shop [NC 112,70]. You could use a rocket to obtain rain, but you need to find the specifics of the device.

Go back to the librarian and he will give you a book (not shown in inventory) and tell to search for Ertan. Talk to the mayor to discover that Ertan went in the cave in Tahraji Desert and never came back.

Go in Tahraji Desert (this map is PK and has strong monsters), the cave is in the south-east [TD 369,21]; once in the cave (orcs here) look fo a corpse with a book and "use" the book.

Go back to Morumi and give him the specifications: now you need to put in storage 80 sulphur, 30 coal and 20 silver bars. When you have the items in storage talk again to Morumi: he will launch the rocket.

Go back to Latis: the drought is over and the debt will be paid soon. Go to talk to Bais, then talk to Latis for the last time to end the quest.

Reward: you can now buy wine in bulk from Vesine (20 bottles for 15gc).

Leather & Repair Quest

To start this quest talk with Tankel in the Morcraven Marsh [MM 292,241] about the illness of his daughter, Kelcha.

In order to heal Kelcha, he needs the help of Edlera, who lives in the marsh [MM 141,164]; when you talk to Edlera she will send you back to Tankel to ask him about the past of Kelcha.

Talk to Tankel and then to Edlera again: you have to get 10 yellow roses (you can buy them at a flower shop or harvest them in Desert Pines [DP 291,342]).

When you have the roses enter Tankel's house, drop the roses in front of Kelcha and talk to her. She will awake for a moment saying something about her diary.

Refer this to Edlera and she will ask you to search for it: if you talk to Tankel he will tell that he found Kelcha near the Naralik dungeon.

Go to the Naralik dungeon [NK 106,161]; enter it and go south, not far from the entrance you'll find a pile of 4 red books on the ground: click on the oblique one with the "use" cursor to find out Kelcha has been cursed by Mortos.

Go back to Edlera: you have get 30 Minor Healing Potions (make or buy them) to offer to Aluwen. Go back in Naralik with the potions in your inventory and put them on the ground at the south side of the statue [NK 99,161] that is near the dungeon entrance, then "use" the statue: you'll get a message that Kelcha has been cured.

Go back to Tankel, tell him that his daughter is healed, and he will ask you to say to Edlera that he apologizes for the argument they had years before.

Talk to Edlera and then back to Tankel to complete the quest.

Reward: when your armor or weapon is damaged, you can ask Tankel to repair it (you have to pay some money and there is a chance to lose the item, cost and chance depending on the item).
To start this quest complete the Repair Quest and then talk to Kelcha about her dream [MM 285,253].

Go to Edlera [MM 141,164] and she will send you to search a particular flower: you can find it in Whitestone [WS 634,204], it looks like a white asiatic lily, click on it with the "use" cursor to pick it (it will not appear in inventory).

Go back to talk to Kelcha to make her remember what she dreamed and so completing the quest.

Reward: you can now buy cheaper leather from Kelcha in bulk (75 leather at 350gc).

Craft Quest

To start this quest talk to Christopher in Lakeside Village (he is near a row of 3 houses, north of the general store).

He is looking his master, Fortan, and maybe Itilli could know something: she is the bookseller in Tarsengaard Magic School [TG 184,316]. Enter the school and take the first door on the left to find her.

Itilli wants a book of silver smelting before helping you: the book can be bought for 500gc from Ardur, the bookseller in Naralik [NK 120,67]. Give the book to Itilli and she will talk of the ring Fortan is trying to create.

Go back to Christopher, who will send you to seach the libraries on Seridia.

Go to the Portland library [PL 199,106] and talk to the librarian, Drial: he will direct you to the tent of a gipsy in the Morcraven Marsh.

The tent is in Fort Caladak, enter the black tent [MM 289,44] and click with the "use" cursor on the open book, then go back to Drial and he will give you some hints to find Fortan.

Fortan is in Portland map [PL 162,220] (talking to Fortan before this point is useless for the quest).

Fortan wants you make 5 silver rings to prove your ability in crafting (you can make them or buy from players). Give the rings to Fortan and he will tell you a question for Christopher to answer.

Go back to Christopher and talk to him, then go back to Fortan with his answer; go again to talk to Christopher to end the quest.

Reward: 1500 exp in Crafting skill, 2 Rings of Disengagement, 2 Rings of Valley of the Dwarves, 1 Ring of Portland.

Journey Quest

Before starting this quest you must have completed the Past Quest; in this quest you must travel to several NPCs and talk them: after having listened to the description about areas and people of Seridia, every NPC will give you the name and location of the following NPC.

Wraith [IP 161,151]: talk to it in order to start the quest.

Tobias [WS 204,342]: he is in Tirnwood Vale (Whitestone map), inside the house west of the Temple.

Kalana [DP 222,350]: from Desert Pines docks head west, she is outside, near a well, at the start of the forest; after listening to her she will ask you to touch the Tree in the Elandria Temple. It is the white dot in Evergreen Woods [DP 75,329]: go there, enter the temple and click on the central tree with the "use" pointer, then go back to Kalana.

Nyeald [PL 95,56]: from the docks of Desert Pines take the third boat to arrive in Portland. From the Portland docks go west, the mayor is in a building near the city gate.

Erokin [VOTD 18,27]: he is in the Valley of the Dwarves, near the entrance to the gold mine, in the south-west corner of the map.

Koki [NC 130,72]: he is in Nordcarn, sitting on a bench in the city, south-east of the magic shop. (Here is where the problem of note 2 happens more often, be sure to get the name of Rosalyn in the questlog before leave him).

Rosalyn [TG 184,316]: she is in Tarsengaard Magic School, head to the yellow dot to arrive to the Magic School. Enter the school and follow the big corridor, take the stairs on the right and enter the door, follow the new corridor and enter the second door: Rosalyn is here.

Tankel [MM 292,241]: he is in Morcraven Marsh, near a house south-west of the Whitestone exit. (He is also involved in another quest: don't select the dialogue option "daughter" if you don't want to have the 2 quests mixed in the questlog).

Wraith [IP 161,151]: talk to the Wraith to get your reward.

Reward: 1000 exp in one of your skill; the best choice is a skill that is still to level 0, especially Magic or Summoning (since they are the most difficult to start, unless you are sure you are not interested in using them).

Manufacturing Quest

To start this quest talk to Mrs. Lorpack: she lives in an house on Isla Prima [IP 74,150].

She will ask you to bring her 3 Minor Healing Potions, you can make them or go to Mira the potions seller in Whitestone City [WS 118,706] and buy them (9gc each).

Once you have the potions, go back to Mrs. Lorpack and she will ask you to look for Adnama.

Adnama lives in the Forest of the Fall [WS 611,708]; talk to her and she will ask you to bring her a needle (you can buy it in a general store for 3gc). Give the needle to Adnama and she will talk you of a pattern to make fox scarves.

Go back to Mrs Lorpack and she'll tell you that Victor has the pattern: he is the cape seller in Whitestone City [WS 91,716].

Once you have the pattern (it will not appear in your inventory) go back to talk to Mrs. Lorpack, make a fox scarf (1 fox fur + 1 thread, and 1 needle in your inventory) and bring it to Adnama (you can also buy the scarf from other players).

Give the pattern and the fox scarf to Adnama, then go back to Mrs. Lorpack to complete the quest.

Reward: 1000 exp in Manufacturing skill and 1 pair of Leather Boots.

Past Quest

Here is the Past Quest:

-Visit Lasud (64,136) near tavern in Isle Prima. She will tell you

about Atekel who can give information about your past and how you got
to Isle Prima.

-Atekel, located at the magic shop in Nordcarn (107,80), will give
hints about your past.

-She will ask you to get 10 rose quartz before she helps retrieve your
lost memory.

-You can either harvest the crystal yourself (which requires the
appropriate knowledge) or you can purchase them from Harvey in Desert

-Once you secure the crystals return to Atekel. When you give her the
crystals she will tell you your history. This is the end of the quest.

More on the Craft Quest

Once you reach a certain level of Craft, I don't recall which, talk to Fortan again. He will give you more information on a special ring.

I want to say Craft 15, but am not sure, once I find out for sure the level, I will post it here along with what information he gives you and the steps to getting the information.[b]

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PostSubject: Re: EL Quests Walk Through   Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:46 am

Koki's Treasure
Koki in NC 131,70
clue: Magic from the east, war from the west. Fallen comrads lie here to rest. When light be true, you cannot see. When light be false, this is when your sight will see"
IT HAS TO BE NIGHTFALL for this part. Use eye on [27,117]
Light from the lamps makes the gravestone look scary. The writing on it looks somehow different than under sunlight. Leaning closer, you discover that you can read it: A fate that all will at one time meet. Reading will not help you handle the heat, down in the depths below.
#suicide will put you in Hell
Click on book: 153, 49
The book is titled "The Fire of Nordcarn." It is badly damaged and most of the pages are missing, so it is completely useless. Some library might have a better copy though.
PortLand Library : 198, 104
Speak to Drial
Go to Taharaji Desert (PK MAP)
Go in Dragon Cave 368, 26
Then go to rubies, touch chest: 126, 79
The seal of Nordcarn! You found the legendary treasure!! You kick the chest frantically and the lock gives. But the chest is completely empty! Only a small piece of paper with a single line written on it lies on bottom: "Frukas was here."
Go see WS Bookseller Frukas: 123, 128
Go see Elvaro 465, 745
You start to dig where the X is. You dig deep but there is no fork. You can only find the spork, which you pocket.
Go back to Frukas: 123, 128 (still WS map)
Scroll is nearby, read it
Go back to NC
73, 33 Click on well
Click on bucket NEXT to well
Go back to Koki

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PostSubject: Re: EL Quests Walk Through   Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:40 am

Captain Kotlans Scroll

To start got to Port Anitora 252,182 and talk to the npc. He will try to sell you some stolen useless books go through all the long text till you get the quest option. He will then tell you about a scroll Captain Koltan once had and that his ship sunk. Then he says the ship sailed from PL so people there may know more.

Go talk to the PL mayor. He will tell you the baot was sailing to Idalaron but sunk off the coat of evtr.

Go to EVTR 186.69 and use the bottle laying nearby. In it you will find a piece of paper with a clue telling you to find a sunflower between 3 rocks.

Go to Irenveron 456,638 and use the sunflower. It will give you a clue to find the lady surrounded by flowers.

Go To PV 171, 140 and use the statue of the lady in the garden next to the church. It will tell you to find the grave with the rose.

Go to Glacemor 34,180 and use the grave it will give u a clue that the scroll is buried under a bush by the statues.

Go back to PV 165,260 and use the bush. You wont be able to dig up the scroll.

Go back to the npc at the start and he will tell you to talk to Shantir who owes him a favor

Go to the glacemor magic shop and talk to him. He will tell you he needs a serpent stone to unenchant the spot under the bush. Go to sto and get one and take it to him he will then cast the spell.

Go back to the bush and use it again this time you will dig up the scroll.

Take it back to the starting npc for reward of 10k def exp 15k Ranging exp 20k att exp
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PostSubject: Hunting Quest   Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:25 pm

Visit the NPC Wimmip in the TG Magic School. They are located in the bottom part of the training room, room 20. If you stand in Magic School of Tarsengaard [268,189] and talk to Wimmip she says

Wimmip: ‚Wow.. thanks a lot. I guess you will need more information about them then. I don't know where they are now, but I suspect most, if not all are trying to be with their kind, so look into places with other creatures like them. Here is the list of monsters that were lost, 1 of each: rat, goblin, puma, ogre and cyclops. If you kill them all please come back and tell me. Oh, and please, don't tell anyone about it!

You gained 35000 Attack, 35000 Defense, 10000 Summoning and 10000 Ranging experience
gotta kill one rat in rat cave on ip
one puma in the Elvaro Moutains
one gob in narlik
one ogre in PV in the ogre cave there
one cyclops in EP by the temple
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PostSubject: Dra Syn translation quest   Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:15 pm

Dra Syn translation quest

Reward: 20k magic, and 10k alch, craft and manu experience

Items needed:
3 water essies,
3 fire essies,
2 honeycomb,
150 gc
3k gc (or 13k if you don't read this)
4k Cotton
2k Thread
40 needles
50 mana pots
50 minor healing pots
30 srs
30 brs
125 hes
40 empty vials
20 mercury
90 poison antidote pots

1 The start npc is in the Wizard's passage in Dra Syn. To find him go to Iscalrith storage and take Dra Syn exit on the left. Go to cave B (using ranger maps) and take the boat over the water. There you will find Quello.
He wants something translated and will send to you to his daughter Aurora.

2 You can find Aurora in the healers chambers in TG magic school. Take the left hand stairs and enter the room with the red cross outside. She is in one of the booths.

3 Aurora will send you to PV to find a vial. Go to the magic school. Go through the main hallway and turn left in the corridor. Go into the potions classroom and then into the store room. The vial you want is on the shelves to the left of the door. Click on the third green vial in the rack to get potion you need. Go back to TG and give the potion to Aurora.

4 She will then send you to find Christina in WS. You can find her in the tavern in Lakeside. She will ask you to bring her 3 water essies, 3 fire essies, 2 honeycomb, 150 gc and permission from Governor Kalana.

5 Governor Kalana is in DP, she is in the north of the map, next to the outhouse. She asks you to give her 3k gc so she can fill out the form. Once you will give her the gc she will tell you she can't find the form and it will take her a month to get it as she's so busy. At this stage you can pay her 10k gc to do it quicker or you can find the form for her.

**If you pay Kalana 10k gold coins to speed things up, Estilo in Desert Pines will give you 20k magic experience.**
**I believe it's an additional 20k. After getting your 20k magic, 10k alc, 10k craft, 10k man. experience from Quello, you can then complete what I consider to be another quest in DP with Estilo, in which you rat out Kalana and get an additional 20k magic experience.**

6 To find the form go into her house (just next to you) and use an energy essence on the paw print on the left above the fireplace. Then go to the shelves to the left of the door and click on the light brown book to get the form. Take the form back to the governer and she will give you the permission you need.

7 Go back to Christina with all the things she asks for. She will tell you you need a written translation and send you back to Aurora.

8 Aurora is very busy collecting supplies so can't help you unless you get the following ingrediants for her:

4k Cotton
2k Thread
40 needles
50 mana pots
50 minor healing pots
30 srs
30 brs
125 hes
40 empty vials
20 mercury
90 poison antidote pots
Once you have given her all those you need to go back to PV. (you don't have to physically take them to her, just have them in storage)

9 Find Yinto in the green house in Treesoar village (located in Palon Vertas, roughly at 310,70). She will take the note and put it in her pocket but you now have the written translation so go back to Quello (apparently this bug has been fixed since I did the quest, but not sure exactly what she does now)

10 Give Quello the translation. Quest over, lots of lovely experience and he will also give you free access to Dra Syn.

***This is an edited version of SleepyDragon's EL wiki post for this quest. I have not yet done it myself, but this seems right. I take no credit for this post Very Happy***
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PostSubject: NOVAC - From Newb to Pr0   Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:50 am


1. First you must see Novac on IP [101,120]
He will send you to a house to kill a rat. IP [89, 107]
Go back to Novac, he will give you 400 a/d experience.
2. Then he will send you to find a brownie. You are in Isla Prima [48,139]
Go back to Novac, he will give you 600 a/d experience.
3. Then he will send you to find a deer in Desert Pines. [the entire Evergreen Woods top left of map, different kills were made in different spots in that entire area]
Go back to Novac, he will give you 800 a/d experience.
4. Then he will send you to kill a green snake in Desert Pines.
This is located somewhere near storage.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 1k a/d experience.
Then he will send you to Kalana in Desert Pines. [223, 350].
5. She sends you to Portland to kill a fox. This fox is located near the Titanium Mines.
Go back to Nova, he will give you 1500 a/d experience.
6. Then he will send you to back to Desert Pines. To Crystal Caverns to kill a small spider. It is located along with many others in the lower right portion of the map. Your utmost patience is needed here.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 1800 a/d experience.
7. Then he will send you to Valley of the Dwarves to kill a boar. He is near the Smithery.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 2k a/d experience.
8. Then he will send you to Nordcarn to kill a wolf. He is located by the SKF sign.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 2200 a/d experience.
9. Then he will send you to Naralik to kill a Goblin. He will run between MM sign and shipwreck, more or less.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 2400 a/d experience.
10. Then he will send you back to Naralik to kill a large spider. He will be near storage and run you all over the damn place.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 2600 a/d experience.
11. Then he will send you to Portland Titanium Mine to kill a Skeleton. He advises you to speak to Glout, but unless you want to hear a long ass boring ass story, its a total waste of your time. No need to for the quest. I found the Skeleton right inside the cave, never had to use the ladder.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 3000 a/d experience.
12. Then he will send you to Iscalrith for the Chinstrap Penguin. This slippery little sucker will make you chase him all over, west side of the fort, clear to Glac, Trass signs. DONT GIVE UP.... he is just very crafty!
Go back to Novac, he will give you 4000 a/d experience.
13. Then he will send you to Whitestone for a Puma. He is somewhere in the mountains.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 4k a/d experience.
14. Then he will send you to Tarsengard Gargoyle Cave. Kill a tall winged Gargoyle.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 4k a/d experience.
15. Then he will send you to Nordcarn SOUTH cave (north is pk) to kill an armed skeleton.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 4200 a/d experience.
16. Then he will send you to Whitstone. Near storage there is a ladder that goes down [394, 373]. Take it and kill a hobgoblin. Head past the first cave area. Then kill everything in sight. I got him in some nasty brown gooey water at 58, 181.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 4500 a/d experience.
17. Then he will send you to Glacmore Sewer to kill a female armed orc. Go in skills academy, the sewer is near storage at 337, 220.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 5k a/d experience.
18. Then he will send you to Naralik Catacombs after a male orc found around 145, 70 ish.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 5k a/d experience.
19. Then he will send you to Idaloran Mines to kill a troll (located near the tin and feasting tables).
Go back to Novac, he will give you 5k a/d experience.
20. Then go to Whitestone and kill the grizzley. (north center 322, 566 ish)
Go back to Novac, he will give you 6k a/d experience.
21. Then go to SKF Manor and Kill the Ogre.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 6k a/d experience.
22. Then he will send you to Inveron to kill Polar Bears. Go to 119,250 and enter cave.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 7k a/d experience.
23. Then he will send you to Grubani Peninsula to kill an Armed Female Orc.
Go back to Novac, he will give you 7k a/d experience.
24. Then he will send you to Imbroglio Islands WARNING PK to get a male armed orc in hydro cave. 8000 xp.
25. Cyclops in Egratia Point - lower sandy area. 8000 xp
26. Fluffy rabbit in Melinis (310,150). 8000 xp
27. Phantom warrior in Ruins of Tirnym. 8000 xp
28. Feros in Red Moon Island. 8k XP
29. Desert Chimeran in Thelinor. 9k XP
30. Forest Chimeran in Willowvine Forest. 9k XP (found near fishing village)
31. Mountain Chimeran in Ruins of Tirnym. 9k XP
32. Yeti in Caves of Irinveron. 9k XP
33. Cockatrice in Willowvine Forest. 10k XP
34. Arctic chimeran in trassian (dra syn, one of underground passages, entrance around 15,85) 15k XP
35. Giant in Aeth Alfan(PK area) 20k XP
36. Red Dragon in North Redmoon volcano 25k XP
37. Black Dragon in Aeth Alfan 30k XP
38. Ice Dragon in Hulda 30k XP+ Vanquisher perk

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PostSubject: Shayna's Lost Books   Sun Dec 06, 2009 7:20 am

** I started this quest, but it is not finished***

1. See 'Shayna' in Palon Vertas Library of the Ancients.

2. See Mayor Morton about library books (191, 160).

3. See Mayor Nyeald in Portland.

4. Go to Tavern in Portland and talk to the innkeeper, go up the ladder and into first room. 'Use' the nightstand at the top of the bed, Return to Nyeald.

5. Go see Osold in Port Anitora (east isle).

6. Find Arbella in Tarsengard's magic school library (Num. 3 in Bloodsucker maps).

7. Kill invisible rate's (sewers, dinning hall, garden, library in the of centre circle,) and normal rats (garden, garden cave (158, 135), tunnel to garden, Magic school masters chambers,). Once all the rats are killed you will get a message box open up to tell you.

8. Speak to Silvars in the library.

9. Go and see Crusher in Arius (142, 122). He will ask for 1000 polished rubies (in your storage).

10. Crusher will then ask for 1000 Titanium bars (in your storage).

11. Crusher sends you back to Silvars in the library, who gives u 10k engineering exp.

12. Talk to Arbella, who gives u 30k magic exp.

13. Go Back to Shayna in PV, she will reward you with 20k atk & def exp.

*** Well done, quest complete Very Happy ***
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PostSubject: Re: EL Quests Walk Through   

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EL Quests Walk Through
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