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 The Epic History of the Clan of the Paladins

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PostSubject: The Epic History of the Clan of the Paladins   Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:30 pm

By the discreation of our beloved Tess and Love, I am going to start a story about our wonderful guild, PAL. To help me though, I need as many details about PAL as possible. To help give you ideas on what to to tell me, I will create a little Idea Chart for you to fill in.

When and where did Pal Form?

Who helped form PAL?

An early age of prosperity?

Facing evil influence in the guild. (Like bad people who had been member briefly.)

A great fading and withering of the guild.

A hero who finds the remnants of the guild and pulls them back together.

Also, a description of the present 'Golden Age' for the guild.

P.S. Thank you Love and Tess for my own section of the forums and such an honorable task as making the guild story. Smile
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PostSubject: Here it is, the History of PAL   Sat Jun 13, 2009 5:11 pm

The History of the Paladins of Ancient Lands.

The day was cold, dark and rainy outside when in the council chamber of the Eternal Warriors of Light when the fatal meeting would be held. A strike of lightning flashed across the sky, eerily illuminating the dark sky.
The honorable Lady Zan, and the rest of the council sat in their tall backed seats as the man, Marcus Weck came into the chamber. He wished to become the leader of the guild, after the previous leader had been lost in a great battle.
Marcus believed he would be a great leader for the clan, and he would upheld the ancient laws of the warriors. Eager and desperate to agree, the council voted him into power. At first, all went well in the guild, it even seemed like a age of prosperity for the guild.
Soon though, Marcus started to become twisted in the grasp of power. Some said his mind was possessed by the influence of Mortos; though most knew he had gone mad with power. His first eccentric act was to fire the council, which then lead to make the guild a total dictatorship, with him in command of everything.
All the guild had worked on was ravaged, the ideals of serenity and equality were thrown to the winds. It seemed like it would be the end of that clan forever as they knew it.
Eventually, the now highly degraded Lady Zan planned to escape the clutches of the guild. A few people decided to go with her. Of these people, the young Theresa Anna was among them. She looked up highly to Lady Zan, and would follow her to the ends of Draia.
Months later, the few runaway members of the Warriors desperately harvested blue lupines in the garden of Northern Portland. The local flower shop had made a deal that they would buy all the flowers Lady Zan and Theresa Anna could harvest. They spent many months there, raising money for a goal they both shared. Their hands were stained blue from the flowers and they thought they would ever be clean again when they finally raised the forty-thousand gold coins they needed for their goal.
They wished to use this money to form a new guild. Word had reached them that guild of the Warriors had failed and was now a ravaged ruin. Supposedly a great battle with another clan (inflicted by Marcus, of course) had led to the destruction of their old home. Now, they wished to form a new guild, and find whatever old warriors they could and start anew.
A few members had been found and they willingly agreed to join the new guild. Lady Zan was chosen to lead the guild into prosperity. The Paladins of Draia (as the guild was called) was founded on the ideals of honor, integrity, loyalty, and equality became a blissful haven of a guild. It seemed the scars of old were cleansed and washed from the minds of everyone.
Theresa Anna was a plain, regular member at first. Though, she worked diligently and was loyal to the guild. When Lady Zan decided to have another council, Theresa was made the first Council member. With her help in decisions, the guild of PoD grew even larger and grander.
Though, darkness always has a way to clutch itself around things even in the brightest light; great devastation befell Lady Zan, and she had to travel far, beyond the boundaries of the known world to help. In diligent patience, Theresa Anna, the closest thing to a leader of the guild, waited a many moons for the high esteemed Lady Zan to return. She waited, and waited, yet her beloved Lady Zan did not return.
Without a proper leader, the guild began to crumble, Theresa Anna tried to do anything she could to hold it together, yet as she was not the clan master, she could do little. Since Lady Zan had not named her steward, she brought about the downfall.
In a last desperation, Theresa Anna held a vote that they should disband the guild, and restart anew. They all agreed, and even voted Theresa as their leader, even though she was reluctant to accept the honor and responsibility at first. So, on a warm, blissful day, the old guild was stripped away, and the Paladins of Ancient Lands was formed.
Theresa Anna was touched by the love her vassals showed, and she vowed to finally create the everlasting, wonderful guild that was envisioned back in the days of the Warriors of the Light.
Her vision seemed to have come true as person after person wished to join the PAL clan. There was little strife and peace was very evident. Though, after the guild had matured through time, a threat, a test came that would test the guild.
A man of horrible deeds had used his vile, slippery tongue to sift his way into the guild. It was not discovered until after he joined that he was a terrible thief and criminal. He almost tarnished the purity of PAL with his criminal dealings. In a desperate attempt to restore the name of PAL, Theresa Anna banished the man and repaired all the damage he had done to others.
After this incident, the guild continued to grow and prosper. They had even hired merchants to sell their wares. Though soon, the members became and lazy and sporadically left for long stretches of time. During one point, Theresa Anna herself was gone for many moons. In her absence, the guild dissolved into a void emptiness.
It seemed as if, at last, PAL had fallen into the crypt in which many guilds before had fallen. Slowly, the forgotten members left the great Paladin palace, and left for different clans. One day though, Theresa Anna returned, after a great epic journey in distant realms, to find her beloved home in ruins and emptiness. She felt she would sink beneath the waters of despair in her grief of the lost of her guild.
One day, she found an old friend from the guild of Star, and then before that, the mages of Ergatia. Her name is unknown by many, though she goes by the nickname of ‘Love’. Love decided to come into the guild, and help Theresa Anna rebuild in any way she could.
It took much effort, but the lands of PAL were restored to light, and all that remained was to fill them again with people of gaiety and joy. Theresa searched high and low for the dispersed members of PAL. She even used magical means of communication to find them. Most of these members were found, and returned happily to their home of PAL. Some though, had unfortunately left supposedly for ever, and wouldn’t call PAL their home anymore.
With Theresa Anna and the help of Love, the Paladins of Ancient Lands has grown bigger and grander than ever dreamed of before. Now, to the present day, PAL is submersed in the greatest Golden Age it has ever had. Hopefully, it will last for many years to come.

The End. At least for now.
By: Chihiro Sasaki (Mercie)
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The Epic History of the Clan of the Paladins
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