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 Part Three - 750 ea WS, PL and DP rings

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PostSubject: Part Three - 750 ea WS, PL and DP rings   Sat Jun 06, 2009 5:12 pm

Step Series Quest


Quest designed by Love42 with storyline by Love42 and TessAnna

The Elven Stranger had finally finished the disengagement rings and traveled all night back to the lovely maidens family shop. To his horror he saw the door hanging on the hinges and smoke billowing out a window. Quickly he rushed forward dropping his prized items and pulling his elven bow. If anyone had hurt her or her brother, they would dearly pay. He slowed as he got closer and cautiously stepped past the hanging door. Quickly his eyes scanned the room looking for any sign of life. Sitting in the corner on a small stool polishing tarnished rings was a despondent looking Raynor. He looked up as the Elf entered. "Where is she?!?" growled the Elf. Raynor looked startled for a moment and then realized this Elf was in love with his sister. "I sent her to Aelf Althon where it is safe and to get more supplies to replace the ones destroyed or taken from here. She will be back in a week, but then I will have to send her to Zirinkinbar for the rest of the supplies. One of us has to stay here and I fear for her to be the one. This was done by an band of Armed Orcs and until they are hunted, I do not wish my sister to be here." Great relief flooded through the Elf's veins and his body somewhat relaxed. He knew he loved this maiden with all his heart and hoped one day to make her his. He decided to put aside his quest for the king in order to help the shopkeepers. "Is there anything I can help with? Supplies she cannot go get for the trek might be too dangerous?"

Raynor nodded. "There are a few, I just thought we would have to do without, but if you don't mind, I am not too proud to turn away help at this time." Be weary of the Orc's, you will travel through their lands and they use elves as slaves."

Raynor's advised him that he would need the following from a town called Corren:
Make 2250 Gold Ring
(Ing needed 6,750 FE 4,500 Gold Bars Ring Molds; Exp made 36k)

*Make 750 White Stone Ring
(Ing nedded 750 Fe 750 Gold Ring 750 Polished Emerald; Exp Made 63k)

*Make 750 Portland Rings
(Ing Needed 750 FE 750 Gold Ring 750 Polished Rubies; Exp Made 65,250)

*Make 750 Desert Pines Rings
Ing Needed 750 FE 750 Gold Ring 750 Polished Sapphire; Exp Made 69k)

*Make 500 Thread
(Ing needed 2500 Cotton; Exp Made 4k)

Total Exp Made 201,250. Will get you from lvl 32 to just shy of lvl 36 (total for all parts so far 524,250 exp)

The third step in this Quest for the Crown Series is to make all of the above listed items. Itís a long and tedious process, but well worth it to obtain the Crown. You will need to have read all the knowledge books from Part Two of this Series. Good luck, hope to see you in step four.

To move on to this step, you MUST have completed the previous step.


After the quest, you will be able to keep 450 of each ring. At present there is no NPC who purchases these rings, so you will need to sell them on market or on Bots. The price should range from 80-100gc. Since the rings will bring a minimum of 72,000gc to the guild, the following books will ALSO be part of your Quest Reward UPON COMPLETION of the Quest:

Generic Medallion Building 260gc

Silver Med 500gc

Moon Med 10k

Skill Level(s)

Your craft/alchemy experience should surpass 1173000

The harvesting experience is almost impossible to calculate but we are sure you will gain close to 1,173,000 worth of overall points for the second step IF you do everything yourself, including alching the essences and polishing the gems.


Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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Part Three - 750 ea WS, PL and DP rings
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