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 Alistar the Alchemist - submitted by TessAnna (Alch 1-20)

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PostSubject: Alistar the Alchemist - submitted by TessAnna (Alch 1-20)   Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:27 pm

Alistar the Alchemist
Low Level Quest

1-20 suggested Alch skill levels

Alistar lost his mind again! Mixing this, shaking that.... not following protocol. That last batch of alchemy blew up in his face, causing him to lose his sense of smell, touch, hearing and sight for a short time. Dwindle the Mage suggested some essences which can help to restore Alistar to his previous mad brained self. Help restore Alistar.

For this particular quest you will be required to alchemy two thousand of each of the following:

Fire Essences
Matter Essences
Earth Essences


To be determined, advice is welcome.

Assuming you have all the required ores and flowers to make the essences, your experience should surpass 132,000

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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Alistar the Alchemist - submitted by TessAnna (Alch 1-20)
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