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 The Contest of BlackKnight78 with his dying breath

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PostSubject: The Contest of BlackKnight78 with his dying breath   Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:31 am

[15:03:52] #GM from BlackKnight78: it was dark and rainy night...
[15:04:04] [childofthenight @ guild]: cool!
[15:04:48] #GM from BlackKnight78: I was hunting cyclops for their long times for eyeballing my fair ladies of guild
[15:04:59] [TessAnna @ guild]: *bats eyelashes*
[15:06:08] [childofthenight @ guild]: LOL..too funny!
[15:06:17] #GM from BlackKnight78: and suddenly armies of cyclops grew to big and i was magically teleported to map what holded more cyclops and cute lookin but deadly whit Fluffies
[15:07:04] [TessAnna @ guild]: can i have a flyuffy as a pet Daddy?
[15:07:56] #GM from BlackKnight78: with breakage of my magic cape and out of food I wounded deeply and just barely crawled to other map what was peasefull but allmost dry desert...
[15:08:43] [TessAnna @ guild]: hope its c1 if find...loralie has had limited exposure to c2 and child naught
[15:09:10] #GM from BlackKnight78: ...just enuff health to wait if someone could find and give me lil food to regain MY DARK POWERS OF PAL COUNCELOR!
[15:09:38] [TessAnna @ guild]: omw
[15:10:16] #GM from BlackKnight78: If U readed my story closely, U can find me and trade me food. Firts trader gets piece my loot ( 2 drop books bout 2 different potions)
[15:10:30] [TessAnna @ guild]: i think i know where you are
[15:10:48] #GM from BlackKnight78: Im on C1.... plz help me and fast.... arggggg......
[15:10:58] Welcome to Desert Pines
[15:11:07] #GM from BlackKnight78: .....gurrrrgglllrr.....
[15:11:14] [TessAnna @ guild]: if i am right,i will see you any second
[15:11:37] [PM from BlackKnight78: lol let newer ones find me xD]
[15:11:45] [PM to BlackKnight78: i plan to just sit there, i have no food anyway]
[15:11:53] [PM from BlackKnight78: lol xD]
[15:12:00] [PM to BlackKnight78: but i want to see if i am right]
[15:12:03] TessAnna: woot woot
[15:12:11] [PM from BlackKnight78: lol did i make good story on this one ? xD]
[15:12:19] [PM to BlackKnight78: excellent]
[15:12:26] [PM from BlackKnight78: should be easy ?]
[15:12:43] BlackKnight78: and im wounded too Wink
[15:12:54] #GM from TessAnna: i have found BK, crawled to his side, but the heat of where we are has rotted my fruit and we are now both dying... for also 100 sapps, find us now
[15:13:40] #GM from BlackKnight78: i can see faint shadow.... is it help.....
[15:14:10] #GM from BlackKnight78: nope.... damn just a damn snake and i hate eat snakes they give me gas...
[15:14:48] [childofthenight @ guild]: lol
[15:15:17] #GM from TessAnna: i see a bright light.... quartzlike in color
[15:15:17] [BlackKnight78 @ guild]: this seek and find "quest" is on C1 maps and should be easy =)
[15:15:33] [TessAnna @ guild]: is anyone looking?
[15:15:46] [Loralie @ guild]: I had to get some food
[15:15:50] [BlackKnight78 @ guild]: hope so, i dont wanna rot here for ever...
[15:15:57] [TessAnna @ guild]: lol!
[15:16:15] [childofthenight @ guild]: your dieing wouldnt know that would you LOL
[15:16:44] #GM from TessAnna: food, water.... cough cough.....aaaaaaaaaaaaa
[15:16:45] [childofthenight @ guild]: all you can do is hope
[15:17:05] [BlackKnight78 @ guild]: hmm i found sumtihn...
[15:17:33] #GM from BlackKnight78: hmm dead mans last ciggy? ahh atleas i can smoke but hopely for not last time...
[15:17:42] [BlackKnight78 @ guild]: cig break brb xD
[15:18:56] [TessAnna @ guild]: if you re-read the clues bk wrote, you can find it exactly
[15:21:33] [BlackKnight78 @ guild]: and have lil knowlage of C1 maps and their creatures
[15:22:12] #GM from TessAnna: biggest clue to pay attn to
[15:22:17] #GM from TessAnna: #GM from BlackKnight78: with breakage of my magic cape and out of food I wounded deeply and just barely crawled to other map what was peasefull but allmost
[15:22:20] #GM from TessAnna: desert
[15:23:29] #GM from BlackKnight78: ...dry desert... arrghhh my thorat is burning ass hellish drynes thiss sanddss
[15:23:41] #GM from TessAnna: look bk! i spy a portal not far off, if no one finds us, perhaps we can crawl there.....
[15:24:10] #GM from BlackKnight78: u can try cyclops wounded my legsss....
[15:24:11] TessAnna: dots coming
[15:24:22] [childofthenight @ guild]: hello
[15:24:26] [TessAnna @ guild]: i spy child and loral
[15:24:43] #GM from BlackKnight78: what my dry eyes see, a savers
[15:25:02] TessAnna: mine is 100 sapps, i best give at sto, they are very heavy

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The Contest of BlackKnight78 with his dying breath
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