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 PELTS NEEDED Part One - submitted by BillerKay (A/D skill level 20-25)

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PostSubject: PELTS NEEDED Part One - submitted by BillerKay (A/D skill level 20-25)   Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:04 pm

Quest for Pelts - PART ONE
Low Level Quest

20-25 a/d recommended skill levels


Originally written by Billerkay
The little elf approached the campfire, his friends had warned him to stay away, but his determination had gotten the better of him.
"Graaaaar!" roared the mighty warrior. in an attempt to scare him away, but the plucky elf stood his ground.
"I like you, little one. You've got pluck!", here sit beside me.
"Thank you Thunderdog." he squeaked, "I've brought you these." He presented the great warrior with some pelts and flesh.
"Here, let me roast some of the meat for you. I hunted it myself"
Thunderdog smiled, and nodded. He continued his meal while the elf busied himself with the cooking.
"They say you have hunted the feros, the chimera and even the dragon, you are truly the greatest warrior."
"Let me tell you a secret." whispered Thunderdog, as he leaned closer to the elf.
"I didn't get to be a great warrior from hunting the Red Dragon, oh no. I got to be a warrior from hunting rabbits, just like you. Hundreds of them. Every one helping me hone my craft. Developing my skill." The little elf's eyes widened.
"Why you keep hunting these rabbits, and one day you'll be a great warrior too." he smiled. But warriors need armour my little friend. You keep bringing me these meals, and I'll make you some armour to start your career....."

Hunt Eternal Lands and bring back the following prizes:

600 Rabbits (equal to 600 rabbit furs, 600 bones and 600 meat)
600 Beaver (equal to 600 beaver furs, 600 bones and 600 meat)
600 Rats (equal to 600 rat tails, 600 bones and 600 meat)

For clarification purposes, you will obtain, 600 rabbit furs, 600 beaver furs, 600 rat tails, 1800 bones and 1800 meat. You will be required to post a kill counter screenie before you start the quest and after you finish the quest. Donated furs do not help one level ;)


10 complete sets of Augmented Leather (including Augmented Leather Torso, Augmented Leather Pants and Boots
10K worth of Combat Books
Skill Level(s)
Half of all critters back.

NOTE: Calculating experience for all is not possible

For completing this quest the mighty hunter will achieve levels, will be given 10 complete augmented leather outfits and will be given half the items obtained back. You will have to give exactly the required amount in order to get half back. The items that you do not get back will be used to stock our Guild Bot Paladina. In order to complete your quest and receive your prizes, see TessAnna or the current Quest Master.

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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PELTS NEEDED Part One - submitted by BillerKay (A/D skill level 20-25)
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