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 Step Two - Quest for the Crown

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PostSubject: Step Two - Quest for the Crown   Mon May 18, 2009 4:50 pm

Step Series Quest


Quest designed by Love42 with storyline by Love42 and TessAnna

Kyrae had taken ill and was unable to attend to her duties in the cotton fields or the family shop. The illness left her weak and helpless. Rayner hired a nursemaid to care for his sister and went to work every morning, doing double duty to keep up with what his sister would have done. He went to the cotton field before the sun rose and didnít leave the back room of the shop until well after sun set. At times he would spy Kyraeís infatuation in the fields not far away, busily plucking the cotton. At some point during the evening, prior to Rayner closing the shop each day, the Elf would appear to drop off his newly made thread.
A week had passed and Kyrae was slowly getting her strength back, whatever had ailed her seemed well on its way, much to Raynerís relief. He had been very worried about his sister. The stranger had asked after her a time or two as well, and had seemed genuinely concerned for her welfare. When he completed the 5k thread as needed for his quest, the stranger asked Rayner where he could find Rubies. Rayner showed him a lovely cave nearby and after two days hard work, the stranger was done. He carried his latest accomplishment of 2k polished rubies into the shop with a proud stature. As he walked in the door, he spied the beautiful Elvin maid behind the counter. Her beauty and frailness took his breath away. ďI am ready for the next portion of my Quest míladyĒ he said a bit brusquely.
Kyrae was startled and a bit distressed by his gruffness. It was evident he had no interest in the likes of her. After all, what had she been thinking, she was nothing but a merchants daughter, turned merchant herself. With a heavy heart, she told him of the next step. The stranger felt bad as he knew he had hurt the maidenís feelings, but he had no time for coddling her now, he had a quest to finish.
He now had to make 1k disengagement rings and the sapphires needed for them was two days ride north.

The second step in this Quest for the Crown Series is to make 1k disengagement rings. Itís a long and tedious process, but well worth it to obtain the Crown. You will need to have read all the knowledge books from Part One of this Series. Good luck, hope to see you in step three.

To move on to this step, you MUST have completed the previous step.


After the quest, you will be able to keep half for yourself. At present there is no NPC who purchases these rings, so you will need to sell them on market or on Bots. The price should range from 85-100gc. Since the rings will bring a minimum of 41kgc to the guild, the following books will ALSO be part of your Quest Reward UPON COMPLETION of the Quest:

Gold Rings 400gc
White Stone Ring 2k
Portland Ring 1500
Desert Pines 1500
Emerald Processing 5k

Skill Level(s)

Your craft/alchemy experience should surpass 190,000

The harvesting experience is almost impossible to calculate but we are sure you will gain close to 550,000 worth of overall points for the second step IF you do everything yourself, including alching the fire essences and polishing the gems.


Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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Step Two - Quest for the Crown
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