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 LEATHER GLOVES NEEDED - submitted by Rogue34

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PostSubject: LEATHER GLOVES NEEDED - submitted by Rogue34   Wed Jun 04, 2008 12:54 pm

Manufacturers Need!!
(Low Level Armor Quest)

Quest and storyline designed by Rogue


The other day I was visiting with Trik near the Whitestone Docks. I had just finished making a load of iron helms for experience, and stopped by to make a little money. He was much appreciative of the helms. As we visited we discussed many things from the recent monster invasions to the addition of the controversial astrology system (it seems he's as frustrated with the whole thing as we are). I casually inquired how the fight against the pirates was coming, to which he replied "we're making progress." His face told an entirely different story however. I caught the grave expression in his face immediately though it only lasted the briefest of seconds. Recognizing this I queried "How can we in PAL assist your fight?" Half expecting him to put in a request for more armor and weapons, his response surprised me. "You could work on training more manufacturers" he responded. I'm not sure why but there seemed to be something ominous in the way he spoke. There seemed a hint of desperation in his voice when he told me this...almost fear. He would let on no more than that. Perhaps I'll learn more on my next visit.

Here's what we can do to help. I have prepared a low level manufacturing quest for the purpose of increasing manufacturing levels. Itís not all that exciting but the reward is more than worth it. Each participant will make 1000 leather gloves (not to be confused with fur gloves). PAL Council will provide each participant with an initial 150 leather and thread. After that you are on your own.

The details of the quest are as follows:

4 leather (minimum of 4,000 leather are needed plus some for failures)
4 thread (minimum of 4,000 thread are needed plus some for failures)
1 needle (possibly 3 as they are known to break)

As with all PAL quests we HIGHLY recommend that you have previously completed ALL of the Eternal Lands quests. For this quest it is in YOUR BEST INTEREST to have completed the leather quest and the manufacturing quest. Information about these quests (and all EL quests) can be found in PAL forums. Additional crafting experience can be gained through making the thread yourself (not to mention the money you'll save). For your convenience provided below is a price breakdown of purchasing all required material for this quest.

75 leather - 350gc from Kelcha (bought in lots of 75)
1 thread - 2gc from General Store

The gloves can be sold to Trik near the Whitestone docks to help fund your quest. He buys them at a rate of 20gc/glove. You will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. This quest is designed as a launching point for future Eternal Lands manufacturers. The reward is a load of books that will keep you quite busy, and hopefully prepare you for the next quest.

total manufacturing xp gained: 40,000 (will vary based on rationality level)
total crafting xp gained: 24,000 (will vary based on rationality level)
500 gloves back (you turn into guild 500 gloves)
Any manufacturing books not worth more than 6500 gold coin

*Note: We STRONGLY advise having completed the EL Manufacturing quest and the EL leather & repair prior to beginning this quest. The EL manu quest will allow you to purchase leather from Kelcha at a greatly reduced price

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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LEATHER GLOVES NEEDED - submitted by Rogue34
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