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 Stories Of Black Knight, tales of many lifetimes

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PostSubject: Stories Of Black Knight, tales of many lifetimes   Tue Jun 03, 2008 7:05 pm

So how all got started, I wonder did I have something wrong done in life. Or maybe was I too good...

My life got started when I was cursed by mighty Enchantress who didnt have My love to bare her heart. She cursed Me with words, " U shall now live forever, bearing lonelines with Your heart and never find antoher for loving who I could have been...".

My past was quite normal, for a knight who served in time of knights of round table. My master was a good man, who was enchated by this woman who made Me what I am now. I was ordered by my master to stop his agony, so I got my thrusty sword and horse to encounter the wicked one. I wandered for a 4 years to find her, burning hot deserts, cool mountains and tempting caves.

When I finaly found her, she turned my horse on mighty spell, and pierced my shiny armor with dagger I had never seen. My armor was like melting butter when she stabbed me. No use of that armor what has given me by mighty warlock, promising me to ever it breaking.

When I felt that magical dagger in my heart, it couldnt kill me, instead it turned my soul colder and colder every second. The Enchantress promiced to save me if I promiced my eternal love to her. I felt like being between two walls of fire cos' I had been faithful to my master.

On that point I desided to cheat Enchantress and promise, whe she started to heal me I pulled my sword and struck deep into her heart...

Well, rest of my life U know by now. Enchanress never finished my healing, with her last powers she cursed me, knowing to die to it. She could been saved by her powers but instead she used them on me.

From times to times I have walked on earths dusts, concretes ans grasses, knowin that I cant ever die and Love... Whispers of Magical dagger what Enchantress used, could remove the Curse when fair Lady pierces myheart it feeling True Love to me, still this could remove My life powers too and kill Me.

So sad...

So many years, so many decades, searching that Dagger and Fair Lady who would use it. Knowing She Kills her True Love, to saving Me. I still see My thrusty horse walking on grasses near of White Horse City. Turned to Immortal Unicorn...
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PostSubject: Warriors Prayer   Tue Jun 03, 2008 7:07 pm

May Gods of Peace be Our side, never fail to Protect of Our ownkind
If may Our enemies fall upon Us, Bless thee for Gods of WaR
Shall my Sword be Deathly on enemy, shall it protect My Lady and Family
If I may fall on Battle, Bless My soul to take Heavens above
If fallen to Hell, Let Me then Haunt My enemies to Kingdom Come
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Stories Of Black Knight, tales of many lifetimes
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