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 Any left over from the old projects being recorded?

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PostSubject: Any left over from the old projects being recorded?   Tue Jul 15, 2008 8:22 am

I was wondering if the old left overs of the project materials that were supposed to be used in the future projects still being recorded or not since Tess didn't move them. one of the things I am looking for is the bunch of flowers I donated to the titanium set project *last project* to make the extracts.....
Do we still have the number of each type of flowers donated ? and can it be listed somewhere (either her or to get a separate thread for them).... also if there were some EFE, serpent, etc.... I think its should kept in this new forums Smile

Just wondering thats all...... TESSANNA don't start pointing at me with questions ... its only a suggestion and .... a mere suggestion...

Silver~ pirat
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PostSubject: Re: Any left over from the old projects being recorded?   Tue Jul 15, 2008 9:02 am

I have serpants, efe's, ele's, binding stones and stuff for any future projects, some I have from old, some were given to me, some I made and some I bought. The purpose of all of them tho is for guild use. I will continue to gather as many as I can for future guild projects.

The flowers were not given to me.... I do not know who has them, but in reality, its pretty hard to track a lot of flowers. When donating, its best to donate just what the current project requires and tracking flowers wont be needed. Same should go for ores and minerals.

On the other hand, I do recall you giving a lot of flowers, are there some particular flowers you would like to restock for yourself? If so I bet we can help you out.... in one day we can get them all stocked back up in your storage... and you know us Paladins, we sure don't mind helping one another.

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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PostSubject: Re: Any left over from the old projects being recorded?   Thu Jul 17, 2008 9:48 am

I believe Pi was the one that got the flowers, that was when she was gm. There were posts somewhere about the amounts of what flowers.
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PostSubject: Re: Any left over from the old projects being recorded?   Thu Jul 17, 2008 11:14 am

Right, but did anyone actually track each and every flower that was used? I never track flowers, I figure a donation is just that and I try very hard to donate a lot of stuff to the bot so that I don't rip people off and take their hard earned harvesting. Most essences I donate to the bot.... sometimes I sell, but VERY rarely.

If anyone donates items for guild use to me, thats what they will be used for, you will get a thank you and maybe a thread here or an announcement in GM.... but I wont worry about tracking minerals, ores, flowers and such, its hard enough keeping up with all the things that need to be kept up with. Remember this too..... when we work guild projects, lets say for example, someone gives me 20k roses, snaps and sulfur.... more than likely I will in turn hand at least 5k of each item to 3-4 other people so they can help alch the items in to Fire Essences. If no food or coin or feasting potions were donated, those people are expected to figure out how to feed themselves from their own pocket. If they are low level alchers, they will lose a lot of the ingredients. Tracking each and every item in this case would be time consuming and take away from my own time to play and take away the "want to" to play. When guild projects are going on, we normally have several people doing several things.... several alchers, several harvesters.... etc.

Right now, I have many binding stones, efe, ele, serps and such for the next guild project that requires them. Some I purchased, some were donated..... if someone who donated one wants it back.... I dont see how thats fair to the guild, nor have I actually tracked where each and every single one came from. I have NO intention of using them for myself... they are strictly for GUILD PROJECT use.... you can either trust me on that or not, but if you dont trust me, then we have a problem. AngelMother will also hold donations for the guild projects from now on with the same rules I have, once donated they are for guild use and will not be returned and will be used to either stock the bot or help with future guild projects. You will either trust her or not, if not, then again, we have a problem. AngelMother also donates many of her rings and essences to the bot.

Please let me know if this clears things up.

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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PostSubject: Re: Any left over from the old projects being recorded?   Fri Jul 18, 2008 6:18 pm

well for the bunch of flowers I donated, I was talking about a 151k of them Smile I believe pi got them ... I will try to find it im my horrible logs about that time...
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PostSubject: Re: Any left over from the old projects being recorded?   Fri Jul 18, 2008 6:47 pm

Hmmm I got some good info in my chat_logs:

Hourly time-stamp: log continued at 2008-02-10 19:49:34 localtime (Arabian Standard Time)
[19:50:31] [Piwacket @ guild]: Hey Silver, I saw your post in forums about having flowers for savings stones. I'll take whatever you'd like to give Very Happy
[19:50:50] [SilverArrow @ guild]: hmm what you need?
[19:51:10] [AngelMother @ guild]: we need more saving stones?
[19:51:53] [Piwacket @ guild]: We only have 3. Misery lost 2 of his just doing those other pieces for us.

[19:54:02] [SilverArrow @ guild]: i got tons of flowers here ^____^
[19:54:07] [Piwacket @ guild]: Hooray!
[19:54:13] [Piwacket @ guild]: Any feran horns?
[19:54:19] You stopped harvesting.
You have 172 out of 300 slots used.
[19:54:20] [Lady_McBeth @ guild]: well cool, if you need this ele let me know.
[19:54:23] [Piwacket @ guild]:
[19:54:33] [SilverArrow @ guild]: got 4 only
[19:54:46] [Piwacket @ guild]: Sure, that would be great Lady. I have one also that I'm going to try putting on market to trade
[19:54:54] [SilverArrow @ guild]: still not killing them easily...I thought I said flowers not horns -.-
[19:55:12] You started to harvest Nightshade.
[19:55:21] [Lady_McBeth @ guild]: well pi i can give this one to you then you will have two to trade..
[19:55:29] [SilverArrow @ guild]: so any thing you want me to check?
[19:55:51] [SilverArrow @ guild]: which flowers you are looking for ?
[19:57:15] [Piwacket @ guild]: So all mushrooms, wheat, valerian, daffodils, mugwort etc. I'll take any you have and are willing to give Smile
[19:57:28] [AngelMother @ guild]: who're you getting to make the extracts?
[19:57:35] [Piwacket @ guild]: I am making them
[19:58:41] [SilverArrow @ guild]: well I got nice amount of yarrow. tuilip, nightshade, mullein , white chantrelle, ogre toes, tree mushroom

[20:08:18] [PM to Piwacket: ok I got yarrow/tuilip (tons)... nightshade/mullein.. white chant/ogre/tree... ok]
[20:11:22] [PM from Piwacket: Oh my goodness. You like to harvest don't you! Surprised]

[20:13:47] [PM to Piwacket: ok thats all....write them again...I added little more]
[20:14:12] [PM from Piwacket: I got it! You were trying to confuse me LOL!]
[20:14:34] [PM to Piwacket: I harvest for exp ... and I was having a lot of blue berries ...and just before that extracts update...I sold 10k of them for 15k Very Happy]
[20:14:53] [PM from Piwacket: Nice!]
[20:15:35] [Piwacket @ guild]: \0/ Silver is a harvesting God!
[20:15:37] [PM to Piwacket: 1eme, 5k tuilip, 12k chantrelle, 26k tree mush, 27k nightshade, 24k mullein, 30k ogre, 8k yarrow]

[20:16:24] [PM to Piwacket: 1k dandelion, 1k current, 1k berries, 1k rue, 2k henbane, 2k poppies]
[20:16:38] [PM to Piwacket: just for saving in the logs Very Happy]
[20:17:04] [PM from Piwacket: Good idea. OK, what happened to the valerian?]
[20:17:20] You have been saved!
[20:17:23] [PM to Piwacket: wait let me see]
[20:17:37] [LadyZan @ guild]: nice silver Smile
[20:17:45] Piwacket was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you.
[20:18:03] [PM to Piwacket: lol didn't see it on the first time.]
[20:18:34] [PM from Piwacket: It was there, then dissappeared and got replaced by danedelions lmbo!]
[20:18:46] [PM from Piwacket: OK 1k valerian. Thank you]
[20:19:12] [PM to Piwacket: yes and I thought it should not be there so I remove it.... ok 1k valerian given]
[20:19:25] [PM from Piwacket: Awesome! Thank you so much Very Happy]
[20:20:01] [Piwacket @ guild]: OK. 1 eme from Silver and almost 100k in assorted flowers for savings stones!
[20:20:10] [PM to Piwacket: I was keeping them till the time to make the potions myself... then ...I changed my mind and I want to give what I can for the projects]
[20:20:20] [LadyZan @ guild]: wow very nice
[20:20:29] [Meacrob @ guild]: woot !!

[20:22:12] [PM to Piwacket: 131k is the total Smile]
[20:23:14] [Piwacket @ guild]: Actually Silver 141K! Very Happy

[20:24:48] [SilverArrow @ guild]: never thought I got that amount of flowers in the storage -.-
[20:32:37] [SilverArrow @ guild]: take care of that bulk of flowers pi ... don't expect me to supply more -.-
[20:32:40] [Meacrob @ guild]: sounds good too !!
[20:32:42] [Piwacket @ guild]: Did you harv them all??!!
[20:32:48] [SilverArrow @ guild]: yes

oops I guess then it is 141k not 151k .... I remember that I miss calculate 10k of them .... Sad *Instead of 131k it was 141k as the logs showed*.

Well finally I could get use of the chat_logs and find what I am looking for that easily... and I did right when I type the number of flowers given in the chat for saving them in case the forum page got lost (as we are having now)...

Finally, I would say that the last project was a tough one and the people who participate in it got so much fun I guess just like what I got.

The last time I logged in I went to paladina and tried to stock her with medal molds but she got 0 slots (no slots for the molds).... was the molds taken away and replaced by the black dragon scales or it was all sold out?

So as Pi said.... I am a harvesting god \o/ Razz Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Any left over from the old projects being recorded?   

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Any left over from the old projects being recorded?
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