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 Eima Dae - Six Strangers Save Dryan by TessAnna

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PostSubject: Eima Dae - Six Strangers Save Dryan by TessAnna   Tue Jun 03, 2008 3:23 pm

I wrote this back in 1998.

Chapter One - The Predator

His large shadow passed in lazy circles over the desert's surface as the tired hungry Rayon searched for easy prey. His massive wings moved in slow swooping motions while he diligently worked to stay in flight. The day was already hot and the air was heavy and dry. The morning sun beat down searing everything it touched.

His hunger was days old from wandering across this vast desert with little or no food, and he was ready to eat anything. As far as the eye could see there was nothing but sand and rocks with small scraggly sun burnt plants here and there.

Then, to his left, on the horizon a small speck of foliage appeared. The hungry Rayon headed straight for it hoping to find some nourishment. The closer the Rayon got to the speck the larger it grew. The small speck turned out to be a flourishing forest, certainly out of place here in this wasteland.

With renewed energy and hope, the Rayon made a bee line for the tree tops. His beady little eyes darted here and there, searching for a morsel. Just as his wings skimmed the top of the tallest tree, the forest started to shimmer and a thick fog appeared. The confused Rayon blinded by the denseness of the fog turned around and flew blindly out. Once out of the fog, he could again see very clearly the dry desert from whence he had come. Surely he was hallucinating. He had been too long in the air without rest and too many days without a good meal. Circling back around, he once again headed for the trees, only to again be overtaken by a dense fog.

Realizing the fog was magically induced and having learned lessons from magic in the past, the Rayon gave up and returned to the desert, letting out an angry shrill shreek. He realized the fog only appeared if he breached the perimeter, however, he could clearly see the forest from a distance. He decided to wait and see if any morsel ventured out from the protection of the mystical forest.

After several hours of flying in lazy circles around the forest and surrounding area, and with the burning sun rising higher, and the heat becoming more intense, the Rayon was quickly tiring and ready to give up. Apparently no dinner would be forthcoming agan this day. He could feel his body getting weaker with each passing hour. It was becoming more and more difficult to maintain flight.

Spotting a rock that might offer some shade, the Rayon landed needing rest. Behind the rock there were several desert beetles and although desert beetles were not his favorite, he gobbled them down the crunching sound echoing throughout the desert. The beetles gave him the energy needed to continue on.

With renewed vigor the Rayon once again took to flight. His objective being to get out of the desert, he flew high above the forest aiming for the other side. As he passed the far edge, a slight movement caught his eye.

From out of the forest came a small fairy like creature with long flowing silver blonde hair that encompassed her tiny frame. She was walking slowly with her head hung down, her long hair covering her tiny face, oblivious to her surroundings. She looked like easy prey, and from the size of her would probably last him quite awhile. His stomach rumbled in anticipation, the beetles he had just eaten quickly forgotten, as he slowly circled his victim, getting closer with every turn. His greedy eyes watched as she slowly trudged away from the safety of the forest from whence she had come. She was dragging her tiny feet keeping her head hung low. Suddenly in his zealousness to get closer to her, the Rayon's huge shadow passed over the creature causing her to pause and glance up. One delicate hand raised to shield her eyes from the blinding sun as she searched the sky for the object behind the shadow. Just as the Rayon was ready to dive for her, she spotted him and with a startled yelp she took off running.
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Eima Dae - Six Strangers Save Dryan by TessAnna
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