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 The Story of Paladina by TessAnna

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PostSubject: The Story of Paladina by TessAnna   Tue Jun 03, 2008 3:18 pm

From the time she was small Paladina loved to trade with the public. She would make rose juice and sell it in front of her home to thirsty ones who passed by, she would mix fire essence and sell them to the local alchemist and she was known to hunt small animals and sell the meat, pelts and bones to local merchants. She was also known hold contests from time to time and the person with the correct answer would get a prize, either gold coins or something else of value. Paladina was so good at what she did, the Elven community of Irsis asked her to be their local merchant. She agreed to stand at the East entrance to the city so she could welcome travelers and ask those leaving to make their way back. Others would travel from far and wide just to trade with her. She always had a quick contest for travelers or the locals to win or a story to tell.

To this day you can still find her at the Eastern Gates to the City of Irsis.
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The Story of Paladina by TessAnna
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