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 Tonada the Tailor (pt 1) Tailor (Level 10-20)

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PostSubject: Tonada the Tailor (pt 1) Tailor (Level 10-20)   Wed Jun 18, 2008 10:22 am

TONADA THE TAILOR (pt 1) – Tailor
Low - Mid Level Quest

10-20 (suggested levels)


NOTE: Tailoring is costly, please be aware of this prior to starting the quest.

Quest designed by TessAnna with storyline by TessAnna

Tonada the Tailor looked around his family owned shop with tears in his eyes. He threw his hands up in despair and shook his head hopelessly. Anniew, a Council Member of the Paladins of Ancient Lands wandered in, saw him in distress and asked him what was wrong. The story that unfolded chilled her to the bone and broke her heart at the same time. That awful bagjumping, rampaging, murdering, good for nothing Guild, *CO* had come through demanding protection money. When Tonada could not pay, they destroyed everything in his shop then promptly left. Thankfully, Anniew was able to reach Radu, Lord of these Lands. He put a stop to the demands for protection money, but he was unable to replace the goods that were lost. Anniew, her heart as big as the world and her touch as gentle as a feather, hugged Tonada and assured him he had no worries, Paladins would again, come to the rescue.

For this particular quest you will be required to create the following:

White Fabric x 200
Red Dye x 200
Orange Dye x 200
Yellow Dye x 200
Green Dye x 200
Blue Dye x 200
Purple Dye x 200
Black Dye x 200

You will get back:
White Fabric x 100
Red Dye x 100
Orange Dye x 100
Yellow Dye x 100
Green Dye x 100
Blue Dye x 100
Purple Dye x 100
Black Dye x 100

Books worth 20k and 5000 Dung

Assuming you have all the required ores and flowers to make the essences your experience should surpass 100,600 (combined Tailor, Engineering and Alchemy).

THIS QUEST IS DESIGNED TO HELP STOCK OUR GUILD BOT, AND TO HELP YOU LEVEL AND STOCK YOUR STORAGE. The items that are not returned to you will be sold and the resulting coin will be given to Paladina if not sold directly by her. AngelMother, TessAnna or the Current Quest Master can help you complete your quest.

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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Tonada the Tailor (pt 1) Tailor (Level 10-20)
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