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 Paladinas Need For Pretty Things Part One (craft)

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PostSubject: Paladinas Need For Pretty Things Part One (craft)   Sun Jun 15, 2008 4:52 pm

Low - Mid Level Quest


Worth Three Ranking Points

Quest designed by TessAnna with storyline by TessAnna

Paladina flung her ringless hands in despair. That last war had left her penniless. She had sold off her jewels to pay her booth rental. The Paladins were nowhere to be found. So many had been lost during the last war… Cyclops and Giants and torn them to shreds. They fought valiantly but in vain…. They just weren’t strong enough and one by one they fell. Paladina just knew if she could gather enough jewels she could raise enough money to heal the wounded, free the hostages and with prayers and hope, bring her wonderful guild back home where they belong. They took care of her long enough, now she would do what it takes to take care of them. We urge all to help with this endeavor, bring our Paladins home, don’t allow Paladina to be orphaned.

For this particular quest you will be required to create the following:

Gold Rings x 100
Silver Rings x 100
Gold Medallion x 50
Silver Medallion x 50
Polished Rubies x 100
Polished Emeralds x 100
Polished Sapphires x 100
Polished Diamonds x 100

You will get back:
Gold Rings x 50
Silver Rings x 50
Gold Medallion x 25
Silver Medallion x 25
Polished Rubies x 50
Polished Emeralds x 50
Polished Sapphires x 50
Polished Diamonds x 50
Books worth 10k and 1000 sand papers

Assuming you have all the required ores and flowers to make the essences, your experience should surpass 261,550 .

THIS QUEST IS DESIGNED TO HELP STOCK OUR GUILD BOT, AND TO HELP YOU LEVEL AND STOCK YOUR STORAGE. The items that are not returned to you will be sold and the resulting coin will be given to Paladina if not sold directly by her.

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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Paladinas Need For Pretty Things Part One (craft)
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