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 Einstein the Mad Scientist (Alch)

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PostSubject: Einstein the Mad Scientist (Alch)   Sun Jun 15, 2008 3:43 pm

Mid Level Quest

20-30 skill level suggested
Worth Three Ranking Points

Quest designed by TessAnna with storyline by TessAnna

Einstein the Mad Scientist needs our help to clean up his lab. He took too many orders and drank too many concoctions. Now the Gods of EL are threatening to come down HARD on him if he does not produce his orders within the week. He came to PAL for help as he knows how much we love to help people, even crazy people.

For this particular quest you will be required to create the following:

Matter Conglomerates x 30
Steel Bars x 100
Iron Bars x 100
Gold Bars x 200
Silver Bars x 200
Titanium Bars x 200

You will get back:
Matter Conglomerates x 15
Steel Bars x 50
Iron Bars x 50
Gold Bars x 100
Silver Bars x 100
Titanium Bars x 100
Books worth 25k and 10k in gold coin.

Assuming you have all the required ores and flowers to make the essences, your experience should surpass 319,200.

THIS QUEST IS DESIGNED TO HELP STOCK OUR GUILD BOT, AND TO HELP YOU LEVEL AND STOCK YOUR STORAGE. The items that are not returned to you will be sold and the resulting coin will be given to Paladina if not sold directly by her.

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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Einstein the Mad Scientist (Alch)
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