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PostSubject: MAP GENERAL INFO   Sat Jun 07, 2008 7:46 pm

Edited by Love to add new info.

We are again working on a guild map. All old map threads are reinstated here for reference, but all are locked, new ones will have to be created.

NO WE WILL NOT HAVE SPECIFIC HOUSES FOR EACH AND EVERY GUILDIE. But we will have a small PAL Village with a lot of houses, each council member will get a home, GMs will get a home.

We will have:
a council meeting hall
a guild meeting hall
a pk arena
one entrance/exit area allowed (this will be kept secret until guildies have reached required rank)
a place for ceremonies
A village with many paths and houses, none will be made personal. But we will try to make as many as possible so all can feel like they have a private area.
Each council will have a house (edited by Love I hope I am still looking over the map I hope there will be room for all of this)
GMs will have houses
A guild library with books that once clicked will give a message (for example, guild rules, sayings, memoirs to our beloved DMZ and Charm or others who have left us, etc.)(edited by Love Only if I can figure out how to make this happen)

Our map will be pretty, very pleasing to the eye. All guildies will be required to be of a certain rank (yet to be determined) before coming into the Guild Map, the reason for this is the fly-by-nights. Guildies who come in looking for freebies, realize they wont get them and leave. We don't need them guild hopping and telling everyone where our entrance and exit is.

Also, we may have guild contests that concern our map, so when we get it and when you rank up, you are advised to learn it... there may be a secret or two hidden here or there.

Comments and questions are welcome.

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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