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PostSubject: PROJECT RULES   Sat Jun 07, 2008 6:54 pm

****Until this sentence is gone, this is a work in progress.****

1. Work at your own pace, but don't complain if the project is not done fast enough. Not everyone can be in EL full time, know before you sign up if you can contribute enough (I did NOT know, but I did pull myself from the titanium project). If you find out you will NOT be able to help as much as thought, then pull yourself from the project.

2. You are required to contribute at least two thirds the cost of your portion of the project, for example, if the project is for Crowns of Life, the going rate at the moment is 65k. You are required to contribute ings worth at least two thirds. If the project is complete and you have not been able to contribute 2/3 of your portion, you are welcome to buy out the balance from the guild, the gold will be put on the guild bot for future guild use. (we will also take into consideration, manufacturing done, for example, on the titan project, rogue and meacrob made a ton of s2e out of ings provided). Its a good idea to have things stored up in your storage for upcoming projects. You never know if you might need it at a later date. I am not saying hoard 20 efe, I am saying, if you are able, hold onto about 4-5 if you get them. This helps with your contribution.

3. All items donated to any Council Member for Guild use will not be returned. They will be considered for Guild use. We will track your contributions so that they count toward the end goal, but we will NOT return any leftovers. It's simply too time consuming and tedious a task. Council Members donate many of their products to the Guild, so it does all work out in the end. If you are worried you might "over donate" then don't give more than is listed in the project requirements. Also, if you are worried you might "over donate" perhaps being a Paladin is not the right choice for you.

4. All people have varying skill levels, if you are unable to do higher end jobs, then sit and make fe, sell the fe and contribute the gold coin. If you get an efe and the project does not require one (is there such a project???) then sell the efe and contribute the gold coin. Even flowers can be sold for profit. All are able to help with the project.

5. NO ONE, AT ANY TIME is REQUIRED to contribute to guild projects. If you do NOT wish to get the end result of the project, then you do NOT need to contribute... by the same token, ALL donations are welcome. Even if you are not participating in the project for the end result, we highly encourage you to help out your fellow guildies and donate what you can.

6. All guildies are REQUIRED to have fun....

7. See rule number 6.

Diplomacy is the Key to Our Success

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